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Saturday, October 6, 2007

by: David D'Angelo

This is the first post in this blog which chronicles people's ordinary day and life. Let me have your permission to begin it with my own story.

My day always begin with being called from the bed by Mei, my better half. Well you cannot blame me because I used to sleep at around 2:00am to as late as 4:00am everyday especially now that we have installed a new 1Mbps internet connection. Being on the web is really a hobby and past time for me. I am the one that sends my eldest kid, John Dwight to school at around 7:30am that's after I have some bunch of homilies for the kid in order to guide him.

At times I will get back to bed and sleep until around 9:00am then get off, take a bath and do the usual morning rituals then head online and do my thing. I go online for various reasons: (1) I maintain several website of NGOs; (2) I post online in the BROOD Online website and maintain it as well; (3) I do blogs now; (4) Check e-mails; (5) Chat on YM; (6) Manage the organization online. Well typically I am an online guy. I spend more or less 13 hours a day online.

My usual routine starts with BROOD because it is the default page of my internet browser here, then I open my yahoo messenger and check e-mails. I then scout the web for news and other articles which I can post online. Around 12 noon we will usually eat lunch because Mei's mother will be having the meals ready by that time.

Before my mobile phone was lost I will also be using the phone a lot in tune with what I do. Send text messages to my friends, greet all BROOD members a good morning and the regular textmate thing. I also advice fellow members of the organization through my phone. Well the thing is I lost my phone, last October 1 at a jeepney when I am going to Quipo.

After lunch I will transfer from our house to the computer shop and do my online work there. Mei will usually disturb me and irritate me. Well she loves doing that maybe she finds me cute when I am irritated.

At around 3:00pm I will fetch John Dwight from school and then he will ask for C2 Apple and that is very regular. After that I will ask him to change clothes and that needs effort to do because he is very energetic... talks a lot that is. I will usually check his grades on quizzes and others.

After that will return to online life and then during the afternoon we will be usually hearing some old music here in the shop courtesy of Mei's mom who loves to play songs from Corita, Engelbert Humperdink, Ric Manrique, Victor Wood and others loudly. Well those songs are really classics and sooths me in some way maybe because I am growing old as well.

At around 5:00pm or so I will be resting for a while and watch Meteor Garden or some show or anime in GMA 7. Well we used to watching GMA shows here because it seems that ABS is banned in the television here and that is thanks to Mei... ehehehehe.

After that we will then be transferring to the house and the marathon of telenovela watching continues until about 10:00pm. Although most of the time I spend my time teaching John Dwight and giving some advices and most of the time he will make those irritating notions and the ever not so comfortable face.

We will usually eat dinner at around 9:00pm or 10:00pm. And thinking about what to eat for dinner is a usual problem for us because of the many food available and the seem very picky taste buds we have. Well the usual food will be "chicharon", fried chicken, tocino, skinless longganisa, barbecue, red egg or "itlog na pula", hamburger, pancit canton.

After John Dwight sleeps we will usually watch a downloaded series on the internet like Lost, Smallville, Heroes and others. Then I will usually drink a large cup of coffee which I enjoy the most and then spend some more time on the internet.

I usually check my schedules as well, make phone calls and find time to connect with my friends like Patrick, Jayrol, Anton, Cesar, Jane, Lhanie, Aurea, Andy, Kuya Reach, and others who I usually text... well this space is not enough to mention them all.

So that's my ordinary day... NOW WHAT'S YOURS?

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