A Day in the Life of Bliss  

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

by Bliss

Those people who personally knew me know that my ordinary day is kinda hard because I live far from my workplace. It would take me 3 to 4 hours just to get to the office. But, then, I don’t mind. I know that my job won’t get near me so I have to take it and make it work to my own advantage. It’s all in the mindset. Everyday, I imagine that I’m on a cruise or a very long, enjoying trip. Funny as it seems but that’s how my life is. I like my job and it feels good doing what I love doing. If I’m not mistaken, this is my 15th job or so I thought. That’s why I wonder why there are some able-bodied persons who are jobless. I do believe that there is a job for anyone as long as this person is persistent enough to get himself a job. I don’t mind getting tired because I know I would be able to rest in the evening though it would only allow me to get minimal shut eye.

I usually wake up at around 5 AM then off I go to work. There are times when it seems that my day is dreadful but then I always manage to make it a happy day ‘coz I want to start my day bright, brighter than the sun and the stars above, haha. To get to my workplace, I ride a jeepney or FX, LRT, MRT and bus then, I’ll walk. From the office gate, I’ll walk again and climb the stairs to reach the third floor. And, again, I’ll walk to get to our room located in the farthest corner of the office. I do the same when I go home. That’s my daily routine and I’m used to it already. Not to mention that I briskly walk or run everyday. It’s my unofficial workout. To date, I lost ten (10) pounds.

I’m a freelance worker specializing in the IT field. As of the moment, I do software testing and technical writing. Other times, I talk to my clients and listen to their needs and concerns. I also answer their calls and text messages simultaneously. If I have spare time, I check my e-mail and Friendster account. I always meet different people especially when I do field work. Though tiring, I can still say that it’s a whole lotta fun!

Because my work place is really far, it feels like all the sweat, dust, dirt and smoke are my daily accessories and makeup everyday. I’ve been riding the MRT since 2003 and mind you, every morning it feels like the squeezes and bumps that I encounter are my little blessings in my day because it reminds me that I am alive and not sick! At least, I do not have a deadly disease or something hard to bear. So, riding the MRT for me is an easy feat already. I don’t get “bad trip” just because I lost a ride, someone stepped on my foot, a train had a technical difficulty and a lot more reasons. I’d rather put my efforts to things that are of worth than bitch about the bad things that are happening in our everyday lives. Bitching would just make things worse and won’t do any good. That’s one of the lessons I learned from my ordinary day.

What I like about my ordinary day is the day itself. When I think of my day, I feel so grateful that I am able to do things and share it with the people I work with and the ones I love. I took the world as my own classroom and I consider life’s challenges as my subjects. There are also times when I feel I’m not at my best but then I know that I’m very lucky that I have this “ordinary” day. If only we are grateful for what we have, all ordinary days will be special. And, each and every one of us will always look forward to live his or her ordinary day.

I have several jobs in tow and it made me really busy but then, I always have some time for my family and friends. After work (ends around 7 or 8 PM), I meet my boo or my friends then we’ll eat dinner together. After that “special moment”, I head to the FX terminal to go home but I always end up getting home late ‘coz of the long queue. So, what I do is I call up my friends and text them – that, for me, is another special moment. That’s my typical ordinary day. Sometimes, I play DOTA with my officemates after work to ward off stress.

My ordinary day ends at around 11 PM or 12AM. That's the time I’m going to take some snooze. My ordinary day didn’t actually end up ordinary because my ordinary day is always a special one for me. Or, should I say extraordinary? Tomorrow will be a new ordinary day and I'll make it just like my name, BLISS.

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