When Love Meets Challenges  

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Everyone of us falls in love and certainly all of us are happy the first time we find someone whom we will love. For most of us it is the best day of our life and still for some it is a realization of the essence of life. But soon enough we will find out that love is also perhaps the most difficult situation in which we will fall in... a situation which can mean lasting happiness or unbearable pain.

I had been in many situations where I thought that I found the right person for me. It was a glorifying experience. Your all in love and the person you are with seems to be your world and your everything. Later on the happiness turns to a realization that maybe there is somebody else for me and so relationships came one after the other only to realize that destiny comes at the most inconvenient and challenging of situations. For me, I am glad that I have found the right person... although challenging the situation is, I am happy and I know that this is the right person for me.

In falling in love we must consider both ourselves and that of the person we love after all we are the caretaker of ourselves. We must make sure that we are happy and contented and that whatever happens be it pain or happiness we will be ready for the situation. Love is the greatest sacrifice and gamble that a person could ever experience in life.

So keep on loving and keep on living... for loving is life.

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