Contractual Employees are Not Given Fair Treatment  

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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Greetings of Peace to everyone! I'd like to share my story (also my friend's story who is a colleague of mine) about our 'experience' as contractual employees.

Busy as I am, I still like to share this with you and I'm hoping that you, as an employee (regular, temporary, reliever or project-based), must have a vigilant EYE on what you are getting every payday. We work fair and therefore, we should be paid accordingly. Please don't be blind and tolerate the wrongdoings of the department (I don't want to mention what department) or else, you'll be losing lots of money than you can ever think of. Come on, it's your money, it's your salary we're talking about here and you should get what's in store for you, no less!

It happened not just once, not just twice but many times over. My friend and I were both surprised that we lost thousands from our meager salaries. Well, it's no joke because thousands of pesos were lost. How about P2,500 to 7,000 up?! We told the office about this incident then after that they told us that they're going to pay us back asap. Guess what? They paid us late, they kept us waiting for two long months!

What took them soooo long? Now, you're also wondering why!

Mind you, they were able to pay the 'correct' LOST AMOUNT without us saying to them how much we've lost! Isn't it magic?! We just told them that we did not receive the right amount on that damn, shitty payday! Now, you analyze the scenario.

Question: How come they were able to return the lost amount without them asking us how much we have lost?

My friend and I were able to compute well so we do know the correct amount we're supposed to get after that fateful day.

Hmmm... Come to think of it. If we smell something fishy, I know, you do, too! So, the next time you get your pay, be sure to compute well and complain to that I-don't-want-to-mention kind of department before they DRAIN all your hard-earned peso! This is too much for us, employees! We should not tolerate their atrocity regarding this matter! Am I exaggerating for using the word 'atrocity'? I don't think so!

Know what, peeps, we're all experiencing the so-called Depression Stage now called 'Financial Crisis'. Are we going to tolerate this kind of wrongdoing? Oh, good heavens,think about it. If you think you get less than what you deserve, speak up and fight for your rights. Do not fall and give in to their black propaganda slash gimmick slash money magic!!!

Don't let them fool you and fall into their death trap. We are NOT FOOLS. We are workers and we work fair and we should get what we deserve. You don't have to be a CPA or a financial analyst to know such losses.

In times like these, we should be the wise and discerning public. Otherwise, they'll win us over in this dog-eats-world we live in. You don't want to be eaten by some roughshod predators, don't you?!

Hint: This is a company specializing in consultancy.

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