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Monday, November 16, 2009

I am inviting and encouraging everyone to share their stories, inspiration, experience and others which could inspire and help people. Through this we can reach people who maybe in need of finding an inspiration or something which will guide and boost his life.

Your story could be your personal experience, about a movie which moved or change your life, about someone which you find really inspiring, about your love life, about your triumphs and struggle, or you can send your auto biography to us.

The purpose of "Ordinary People, Ordinary Day" is to chronicle ordinary days of people like you and me and share to others what their ordinary day is like and who are they to the world. Through this blog we want to know each other more through the billions of people around the world and share our commonalities and ordinariness as well as our uniqueness.

If you want to send an article about a certain topic which covers mostly your feelings, a thought on life, on the world, or anything with a personal touch then you can submit it to us at just place 'ORDINARY PEOPLE, ORDINARY DAY' as the subject.

We would be happy to share it here in this blog. You can also send photos of you, your family or anything which you like to share.

Thanks to all of those who continues to support and read my blogs.

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