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Monday, November 9, 2009

Many of us are searching for good sharewares which we can use and eventually make our life of using the computer and the internet easier. One of the tools which I find very useful is the duplicate file finder. Using this finder it will help you clean up your PC's disk space simply by finding those duplicate files.

One of the biggest problem and user of disk space are duplicate files which we commonly save time and time again or were saved during previous installations of our operating system.

Such a shareware will surely enable us to really conserve disk space and free up those wasted space which are used by annoying duplicate files. Aside from this clone removal software, the same author also offers Directory Size - disk space usage, Disk Cleaner - pc cleaner, and File Sync - sync software. All of these software are offered as shareware and are for free.

Although they come as free always do check them with anti-virus as some files might be corrupted unknowingly and most of the time without the real author knowing it. Shareware are good but always keep your computer safe from harm.

This has been another ordinary tip for your daily life surfing the net courtesy of your blog around the corner, "Ordinary People, Ordinary Day."

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