Welcome 2010, Year of the Tiger!  

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 will be the Year of the Tiger and hopefully it would be a great year for all of us. In the Philippines it is a year for national elections where it seems the field is still wide open as people look for someone who will inspire them and commit to a genuine change in the country.

Last night we celebrated New Year at home with food and watching the fireworks of our neighbors. We never really want to burn money on fireworks and moreover risk our lives with it.

Food was great. We have fried chicken, spaghetti, barbecue, "braso de mercedes" from Goldilocks, fruit salad, embutido and more. I have some drinks of Colt 45 Beer as well to welcome the year.

Fireworks were all over, as well as the smoke from it. The rich of course have those grand fireworks display which will make your eyes widen in awe while simple people prefer to just at least have a "lusis" or the usual new years sparkle and torch. Fountain was also a very popular choice as well as the "Judas Belt" or "sinturon ni Hudas."

There were also street party in other places here in Baliwag though we are really not into going there but prefer a New Year's celebration with the family.

Today I would probably be out with friends rekindling experience and well enticing their help for the campaign this year. I know this year will start with hardwork and a battle for genuine change in the country. Not much money in that for me but I hope that my blogging, adsense and sites will also boom this year... and God will provide the much needed blessings.

I also hope all the best for Filcode, Inc and Marck Valderrama this year. I know the company had very tough times as it was also affected by WCYF.

I also hope that I can eventually see my kids and well that John Dwight will have a great graduation ahead and that well, I can send him to a good school. My kids are really brilliant and I know they have a bright future ahead.

Have a great year ahead!


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