The Blades of Life  

Friday, April 2, 2010

They say that life is difficult and yes it is indeed. It is like walls after walls of problems and piles after piles of wood where we need blades to cut them on and pass through.

This Lenten season it is important to revisit our faith, recollect and realize what blade are we going to use. In real life blades are also important. This diamond saw blade for example is a very efficient tool to build house and other stuff. The question therefore is how excellent is your blade to cut through life's challenges.

From childhood challenges starts. Some of us may not even have parents to start with. Some of us might endure suffering even at the early onset of life. These sufferings will definitely become part of our formation as a person. These formation in time will form the blades which we will use to survive life.

In construction blades form houses and cut through things in order to make it better. Saw blades for example are tools to mold wood into shapes and to form columns and other things. These columns can be perfect or not depending on the quality of the blade.

Same way in life the quality of your formation will define how you will be able to cope through life. Your early years will form your thoughts, principles and values. In order to survive life you must be strong and wield your blade so that it will create and form your best life.

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