An Election 2010 Experience from Cecilia Ferrer  

Monday, May 10, 2010

Here is a sharing of her Election 2010 experience from my friend Cecilia Ferrer:

1. Nick and Chris Perlas were at University of Asia and the Pacific before 7 A.M. I arrived shortly afterwards. Their clustered precinct was 137.

2. Media coverage at the polling place: GMA7 Nelson Canlas; ABC 5- Zai Feniza; Philippine Daily Inquirer reporter DJ Yap and photographer Abellana; Sunstar Virgil Lopez, Businessworld Grace ... See MoreGato. Philippine Star's reporter Rainier Rondo and photographer confirmed coverage but I didn't see them after I lined up to vote at 7:20 A.M. The TV coverage was aired live. Phil Star reporter Rainier later on requested for a interview with Nick. GMA 7 invited Nick to guest on Election 2010 at around midnight with hosts Arnold Clavio and Connie Sison.

3. I lined up at clustered precinct 138 at 7:20 A.M. and finished voting successfully at 9:45 A.M. Between 7 A.M. and 8 A.M. there was a lot of confusion in the polling place,with people trying to find their clustered precinct with the help of PPCRV volunteers and Comelec authorized support staff and looking for the end of the line that will lead them to their designated precinct. Finally, after an hour, a system of sorts emerged and the line was moving.People were saying that it was taking a long time to initialize the PCOS machines. Still there were people who insisted on jumping the line. In precinct 138 a mother and daughter whom I know since they are my neighbors were allowed by 4 people wearing yellow t- shirts with black philippine map to sit with them. I reported this to the PPCRV and Comelec support staff since there were 4 witnesses but they didn't do anything about it. I went to the PPCRV table and reported the same thing but still nothing was done, By the time I got back to the precinct the two were already voting. When they came out I told them that 4 of us witnessed that they jumped the line. And the mother said, they asked their neighbors ( the ones wearing yellow) to reserve their place in the queue.The other witnesses commented that when confronted the people involved couldn't really deny it. In precinct 136, a senior citizen doctor and his daughter also a doctor were complaining that several senior citizens were allowed to jump the line but they were not allowed to do so. They also complained that the gay assistant of the barangay captain's partner was allowed to jumped the line ahead of them. While we were still in the queue, there was an announcement from the PPCRV head Mr. Cordova that voters should check their ballots carefully because at precinct 139 a ballot was given to a voter that was already filled up.

4. After I voted I helped out at the PPCRV desk . I completely forgot that I was a PPCRV volunteer! Hahahaha! I took down a complaint as follows:

In Precinct 139 a ballot filled in with Villar was given to a voter who was a friend of a certain Bojie Cabreza. The voter showed it to the election chairman of the precinct who replaced it with a new ballot and the filled ballot was set aside. The report was filed by Julia Labao who is a watcher for the Liberal party.

I submitted the report to Mrs. Cordova for filing with the PPCRV. I also told Julia Labao to look for the Comelec support staff and file a similar report.

5. Problems at the PPCRV assistance desk included people not finding their names on the master list or on the supplementary list. A couple by the name of Barranechea said they checked with Comelec on May 9 and their names were in master list. I told them that the electionchairman of the precinct where they are supposed to go to had a master list with photos and thumb marks so if they want to take the chance and stand in line for 2 to 2 and half hours to check this. And they agreed to stand in line and take the risk because they really wanted to vote for God and country..Bravo citizens! Also assisted so many senior citizens, disabled people and voters with health conditions and gave instructions that only the precinct's election chairman can decide on a case to case basis if they will be allowed to jump the line. But not all of the precinct chairmen allowed senior citizens and those with health conditions to jump the line.

Two men said they knew their precincts but did not want us to check their clustered precinct and they didn't line up.Another PPCRV volunteer confirmed that this was very suspicious.

/ cecille ferrer

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