Is It Vain to be Beautiful?  

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Are people vain when they always want themselves to be beautiful and presentable? Are they vain when they use beauty products? Are they vain when they go to great salons like the renowned Temecula Salon? What do you think about it?

Being beautiful and presentable for me is not vanity. It is something that every person should aspire. Beauty in the sense I see it is not limited to the physical appearance but should also include the person's total character.

When we say total character it involves his or her personality, social capacity, outlook in life and others. If a person is so beautiful outside but then he/she lacks the other aspects of beauty then that is not total beauty.

Being so obsessed with keeping oneself beautiful physically is in fact vanity but being physically presentable and at the same time maintaining beauty inside is a must for every person.

I hope I give some insight on this issue and happy reading everyone!

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