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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thanks to YouTube 3 Days! Perhaps this is the reason why "Ordinary People, Ordinary Day" was even started by me... to give hope and inspiration to other people. To show them the joy of living and to share to each other the beauty and simplicity of life. This is also why I am really touched with Oscar winning Director Kevin MacDonald's project, Life In A Day.

I first saw it in Google Top Trends and then I though that it was about a music video from a band and then when I went to YouTube to see the band and find out what "YouTube 3 Days" really is, I noticed a logo on top of YouTube. The logo says "YouTude 2 Days." Then I click on the link and was redirected to a channel named, "Life In A Day."

That is where I discovered this historic documentary project of recording and putting into film one single day on Earth. The video will come from everyone of us, meaning all of us can contribute. No story is deem unimportant, however since film time is limited videos would be selected to be included in the film.

Te final documentary film, "Life In A Day" as Kevin McDonald say will definitely act like a time capsule in which the next generation might be able to see what is it like on that particular day.

So when is this date anyway? The date will be July 24, 2010... so get your camera ready and let us be part of this day.

For more information and details please do visit

My personal salute and congratulations for this great idea to Kevin MacDonald, Ridley Scott, Sundance Institute, LG and YouTube!

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