People Remember Your Mistakes Not What You Did Good  

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today while I am doing my usual work here at home, I heard a barrage of criticisms and rants about what was not done right. As that is happening I told myself, when I did something right there was seldom word about it but when something wrong is done you hear tremendous commentaries.

This happens not only to me but to most of us and even I had been a culprit as well. Like for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for example, we criticize her and remember all of what she did wrong. We remember all of her negatives. Have we asked if there is something she did right? Have we seen what she did good? If we will only see that then perhaps we will feel better.

We tend to become frustrated because most of the time we see the negativities and fail to see the positive side of things. Someone we love broke up with us and we are hurt, but we fail to see the why and the future. What positive things did that someone imprinted in our life? What are the good memories we have together?

In a relationship we tend to see the bad side and the bad times. We tend to blame a person for not being what he is before and fails to understand what's happening.

The positive things are supposed to illuminate the negative things. When a dark part in our life passes by, the lighter and good parts should light the way. This is the meaning of really looking at life as a whole and not only looking at bits and pieces of it.

People want to be rich, to spend, have lots of money, gadgets and more. But don't people realize that once they have that, they want more and yet they are not happy and contented. Why are people who don't have much and have just enough feel happy? The simple answer is because they are contented, they learn that life is about living your life to the fullest each day.

Today, I did remain calm and just try to think to make things better. To exert more effort and do more. Perhaps to really overcome personal hardships and habits that I had been used to. After all, the rewards would be self fulfilling. I do not care if others notice it as long as I have fulfilled my purpose.

So... they can say all they want and I don't care!

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