Holiday Season is a Spring of Hope: Merry Christmas!  

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This last quarter and Christmas had been one of the most difficult stages in y life because these are the times when I was tested greatly.  I have to make hard, painful and important decisions in my life and plan for a future where I can surely stand on my own.

The greatest hurt for me this year did happen when a brother I so trusted and consider decided to part ways and for some reason ended up hating me.  I know I am not perfect and e has his reasons and for that I do agree to disagree with him and just smile instead of dwelling on what happen.

At times though, I kept on thinking would something that will make you happy in the end create unhappiness and pain?  Well, I guess it is up to me to really focus on the positive and draw out happiness from that.

I am luck to be loved and to be inspired by people who mean so much to me.  They are my life and inspiration.  Unexpected things did happen to me this year and I found what my heart longs for in a very very long time.  Yet,. it is hard to pursue that happiness for it means great sacrifices.

This Christmas Season, I would like to ask forgiveness to everyone that I have hurt in my life.  I pray that you find happiness and the time to forgive me as well.  Deep inside I mean you no harm and I only want the best for everyone.

I ask for greater understanding in me as a person.  I will not be perfect but I will try to do my best not for anyone but for the people I love the most specially my children.


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