The Three Things I Am Most Thankful in 2011  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is an article which I also submitted to READER's DIGEST and would like to share to all of you.

This year had been both a happy and challenging year for me.  There are lots of things that I would like to be thankful about but the top 3 among them are:

1.  BEING ALIVE.  Perhaps this is the greatest thing that I should be thankful for to God.  I am still alive and continue to be living in order to help my three kids and also be an inspiration to others and help the community.

2.  NARUTO COSPLAYERS PH (NCPH).  The success of our cosplay group this year from 50 to nearly 1,000 members is a great accomplishment.  We were able to fulfill our dream of doing cosplay for a cause and creating a group which for all of us is like a family.  We are able to help children with cancer, students from poor families, feeding program, feeding animals at PAWS, helping peace in Mindanao, and helping the victims of Typhoons.

3.  MY KIDS.  I will always be thankful for God in giving me three great kids.  John Dwight, Dara and David Jr. are my source of happiness in this world.  There will be problems but whenever I see them there will be no problem difficult for me.  They are my greatest treasures in this world.

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