Love is Eternal, Blind, Forgiving and Sacrificing: Learning from Sex is Zero  

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I just watched the movie "Sex is Zero" and I thought that it is a sexy comedy movie... worst I thought it was a porn.  However, as the story progresses it could be said that it is a movie worth watching.  There are sexy scenes and some female exposures but the overall theme of the movie is highly recommended specially for teenagers who are experiencing love and lust for the first time and at the very highest level.

Sex Is Zero is a South Korean film released in 2002.  The film starts Lim Chang-jung, Ha Ji-won and Yoo Chae-yeong. In the style of American gross-out comedies like American Pie, it follows the exploits of a group of college students, which eventually takes a serious turn. Sex Is Zero sold over four million tickets in South Korea, making it the fifth most popular film of 2002.

The story shows the eternal love of Eun-shik for Eun-hyo.  The two were not love at first sight and in fact Eun-shik was never loved by Eun-hyo at first.  He had to undergo a series of frustrations and rejections but he had never falter in showing his love for the woman she loves.  In the end the two finally loved each other and accepted that they were indeed for each other.

In the real world, love is just like that.  We might be in a relationship and we might feel that the person we love does not really love us.  We might be insecure by her actions towards other people and because of that we will doubt the feelings towards us.  We might be separated by vast difference like a gap in social status, religion or most commonly a gap in age.  Society will be against some of these relationships and we will fear rejection and judgment.

However, taking the lessons of Sex is Zero, love as a feeling should never be doubted specially when they are true.  We should be ready to sacrifice everything for that person we love because in reality that is what agape is.  Agape is true and lasting love.  Sometimes our feeling of love is destroyed by misconceptions and doubts and when that happens we should ask ourselves if we truly love that person or not.

True love is indeed blind for we will accept everything that a person is... whatever happens to that person in the past does not matter.  Agape is forgiving and understanding and most of all it is sacrificing.  If we love someone we must be ready to sacrifice for that person, we must be willing to wait and learn how to work together and understand one another.

However, despite all of this love should also end up in mutuality.  A love that gives and then that person who gives should also receive for if not... in the end it would all be empty and lonely.  At some point in time the person who loves so much may then be tired and wasted and hate the feeling of love and in the end never love again.  Thus, if we love someone and we commit to someone we must be very careful since we are giving a promise... a promise that is so fatal.

Don't be afraid to fall in love even with the person you least expected to love you for who knows in the end you might be destined to be with one another.  Be patient and trust the one you love... understand her and do  not judge her.  Most of all do not abuse love for an abusive love might also be fatal and might bounce back to you.

Personally, I have loved and yes it is difficult.  I have hurt people I loved and it is difficult as well... but when you found true love worth defying everything then who cares about the world?  Love is the greatest feeling in this world..

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