Thursday, June 20, 2013

There is a song that I tagged as among my most favorite.  This song was entitled, "The Man Who Can't Be Moved," and was sang by The Script.  I like it because the song reflects a common problem in relationships, specially if someone left all of a sudden and the relationship is left hanging.  Will that person wait or is moving on the way forward?

The Man Who Can't Be Moved is a perfect example of one of the options.  Where someone so broken hearted decided to wait for the person to comeback to his life and ignoring the number of days that will pass.  It also depicts the depression of being in a time freeze state where a person only thinks of that one goal... to get the person you love back.

In the end however, we see in the video that no one came back.  In the video we are left with what to do next... should he still wait or should he just quit and move on?

In our lives it is hard to be with someone totally starnger from us.  When we love, we are loving someone who is a total stranger.  Don't get me wrong but that is the reality of it.

We love because that person is cute, tall, gorgeous, we like his character, we idolize among others.  In the end however when that attachment and focus of our love is lost, we tend to slowly feel a diminishing love for the person.

That is why in loving, we should discover the total person and accept that totality.  Remove the focus of love from that object, that quality or that thing and focus that love on the totality and by then can we only say that we love that person truthfully.

Those who had loved truthfully would usually end up with being The Man Who Can't Be Moved/  Why?  Because losing the one you love is like losing a part of yourself.  However, love is a gamble so there is a time for waiting and in the end of it all there is a time for moving on.

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