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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The power of the internet had spread across the world and now many people are provided wit the opportunity to voice out their sentiments, rants, views, opinions and almost anything under the sun. Internet users can do this through social networking sites, website and blogs. It might be either personal, free or provided through a reliable website hosting. Remember that for custom sites you need a reliable web host company.

So how can you express your thoughts through new media and how do people make use fo them to express how they feel and what they know.

During the last five years blogs have sprouted like mushrooms. Majority of people who stay a lot of time online oftentimes has at least one blog. Those that are really into blogging can have as many as 20 to 30 blogs being maintained. I even know of someone who has more than 60 blogs, whew that was for me too many already.

Bloggers use their writing skills and their blogs to express their opinion on various issues particularly on topics of interest. Topics of interest can include personal experience and life, travel, sports, entertainment, movie, book or anything under the son. True bloggers can be differentiated by "just for money" bloggers who just post Google trending keywords without even managing to make an original and decent story out of it.

Another way to express your though through new media is via social networking sites like Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, Tagged and others. At the moment Facebook is the most popular social networking site with features like social games, photo tagging, groups, fanpages and more.

If you want to be more personal and want to send direct updates to people who wants to follow what you do or how you feel then you can use Twitter at Famous celebrities, news anchors and people use twitter to update their fans and followers. Famous people like President Barack Obama and Oprah Wimfrey use twitter. In the Philippines Sen. Chiz Escudero is one of the most new media savvy politician.

There are other new media tools out there but for now we just dwell on some of them. Whatever new media platform you use be sure to always respect the rights of others and avoid being an irritating person.

So happy surfing and happy social mingling!

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