Crossroads of Life: Ironic Circumstances  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Today, I have 100 pesos left in my wallet and I can't help but think what am I doing wrong to arrived at this juncture of lie.  I have not paid house rent for 2 months and is in danger of eviction, has outstanding electricity and water bill and to make things worst have debts to pay as well.  I had helped out people, had loved truthfully and had always been there for everyone and yet it seems, I am always the one left out.

I know that I have lots of friends and also those people that calls me as an "idol."  Yes, definitely an idol who had tons of problems and a financial crisis that can be compared to the United States depression.  In my life the times that I lost a lot of money was the time I get serious in love.  I do not know why but the first time I lost all the inheritance I have, then the next time close to 50K and then the next just more than the previous one.  Plus, to some up all of that, those were unsuccessful relationships in which they left me in the dark, was put in depression and lots more.

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Share your inspiring story and win Free Javanese Massage  

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Collective Journey of life and Ordinary People, Ordinary day would like to hear your inspiring stories and share it to others.   In exchange for your submission we will be giving out two (2) FREE 1 HR. JAVANESE MASSAGE (worth P1,500 each) to two (2) individuals who submitted their stories.

Stories can be any of the following stories which will inspire more people in their life:
  • How you overcome a big problem in school, in your family, etc.
  • Your love experience like how you fell in love, how you fight for someone you love, etc.
  • Your greatest frustration and life and what you want to do about it.
  • Anything you want to share with us.
Please read the mechanics below:
  1. Like Collective Journey of life.
  2. Send us a message with your complete story.  
  3. Fill out the FORM BELOW to submit your story.
  4. Send a photo with your story.
  5. We will then create an album for the stories using the photos you submitted and with the introduction of your story as the description.
  6. The full story will be posted in this blog (
  7. You can submit as many stories as you want as long as they are different.
  8. Submission will be from August 31 - September 30, 2013.
  9. Winners will be raffled via
  10. List of winners will be posted by October 2, 2013.

Thanks and hope to read your stories :)

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A Literary for My Kids  

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Each day three people brighten up my life.
Each moment I woke up you are the first people I see.
Each sunrise, I hear your voices and see your smile.
Each standing up is a little bit exciting.

John Dwight is the name of the eldest.
He is upstraight and bold.
He is bright and has God in his mind.
He has a strong and bright future ahead of him.

Helen Cleodara is my only daughter.
She is beautiful and smiles a lot.
Her laughter is a song to my ears.
She is intelligent and sweet.

David Jr., the youngest and artist.
He stands his ground and knows his reason.
He is smart but lazy sometimes.
He is handsome and cool.

They are the treasure I would hold on always.
They are the blood the makes me live.
They are the inspiration to each of my day.
I love them so much.

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Life Quotes from Shen: Rejection  

“Have you had a failure or rejection? You could get bitter. That's one way to deal with it. could just get BETTER. What do you think?”
― Destiny Booze

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A Single Dad's Dilemma (Understanding Your Parents 4)  

Monday, July 1, 2013

So I get to write when I am in the mood and when I am feeling better.  I guess we can just start looking at the other side of what we are thinking and feel better.  I believe that there are lots of single dad's out there like me and their ordeal as a single parent is I believe harder specially since they have more issues to confront and generally some men are also very emotional and temperamental.  This is also perhaps the main reason why they always seek someone to love, in order to have that sense o completeness in them and their family.

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Story of Moving on Through Charice Pempengco's Song  

Friday, June 21, 2013

I got curious in watching the video of Charice Pempengco's performance in Japan TV and watched it.  I listen to it the second time and then on the third time watching it, I realized that the two songs she performed are connected.  It is a process by which we can move on when we are hurt from love.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

There is a song that I tagged as among my most favorite.  This song was entitled, "The Man Who Can't Be Moved," and was sang by The Script.  I like it because the song reflects a common problem in relationships, specially if someone left all of a sudden and the relationship is left hanging.  Will that person wait or is moving on the way forward?

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A Poem from a Son  

One afternoon, I saw my eldest kid, John Dwight throw out a piece of paper into the trash bin.  I don't know but I got curious what it was and so I picked it up and opened it.  To my surprise it was a poem about how he grew up.  As I retear ad each word, each sentence and each stanza, it pinched through my heart and started to cry.
Here is the poem which my son wrote:

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LITERARY: "The Dragon and the Rabbit"  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

There was once a dragon who lived in a high top mountain of gold.  He was the sole ruler of everything which he can see within his eyes and even beyond.  All of the creatures in the place respected him and was awed by his presence.  Humans and animals alike both fear and worshiped the dragon as their idol.

Little did people know that the dragon does not like where he is.  The dragon is lonely since there was no other dragon in that place.  He was not able to share his thoughts and feelings since everyone feared him.  He always look out of the mountain in the hopes of seeing someone having the courage to approach him and just see him as an equal.

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LITERARY: "I am a Destroyer!"  

Most of us experience love and yet even if we give our everything in the end it ends up a mess.  We wonder what happened and we kept on thinking what went wrong.  Perhaps we say it is not about us but more about the person we love, however let us also never forget that we too are part of whatever happens in our life.  Here is a literary composition, a poem specifically which I wrote just recently.  It is entitled as "I am a Destroyer."

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