A Hero's Story: Meet Rafa  

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rafa,, my Hero Of D Day
Less than a month ago, I was invited to "Share a Story, Save the World".  It is a Volunteers Meetup organized by Hero Of D Day and CSR World.  It was an extraordinary evening full of sharing experiences of volunteers.  There I met Rafa, one of the many Hero of D Day.

Oftentimes I asked myself, "Is it possible to do more in helping others despite your busy schedule? To do more than what others usually do?"

I would never imagined to met someone like Rafa that day.  Someone who found a way to go beyond what people usually do after a disaster, "packing relief goods."

"Wala na bang ibang pwedeng magawa kundi ito na lang?" Is there no other alternative thing to do but this?  

With that question, he and his friends created a group and started doing more by teaching the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda how to create their own livelihood.  They even invite volunteers to do it as well.

Who would have thought someone as busy as Rafa could do that?  Indeed if we will it then we can do it and make the lives of people better one person at a time.

If you encounter your own Hero Of D Day (HODD) then you can actually share it online and encourage the positivity of heroism.  Just share your story at HODD websitte via

Participants of Share A Story, Save the World

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