Finally Leaving the WCYF Office and Returning Home  

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three months ago it was the start of a full time responsibility, a new and challenging routine that I thought I could not handle. A routine which definitely became challenging with each day that passes by/ Now I have finally left the office which became the war room and think hub of the recently concluded World Creative Youth Forum (WCYF) 2009, an international project hosted by Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) together with UNESCO and various organizations.

"There was not even a single photo taken in this office." That was the thought I exclaimed myself looking at its ceiling and its pretty small space and its hot ambiance due to the fact that there was no longer an electric fan there. For two long months the office had served its purpose and much more.

It was used to conduct meetings for the Local Organizing Committee, it serves as the place to send e-mails and letters, had telephone calls, send out faxes, sleep and even watch movies and surf the web during the evening. Cesar, Jeph, Sheila, Patrick, Andy, Pamela, Harem, Crisel, Randolph, Mei and John Dwight are the people who had experienced the good and bad of the WCYF office.

I sure do miss the times when I only have to sleep 2-3 hours everyday just to get things going. There were two people who are really hard to wake-up in the morning, Cesar and Patrick. Both of them used to stay up very late and wake up around 10:00 am and at most 12:00 noon. Nonetheless, at times needed and during their times awake they have done their best.

The office was rather small for 8,000 pesos. Movement was very limited if you will have more than 4 people inside. We are sleeping on cushions and 2 pillows. During the peak of WCYF event the kitchen has someone sleeping there. There was only one electric fan and as people becomes too many the temperature really cause too much perspiration. You cannot cook food using an LPG and everything has to be cook via electricity thus the canteen downstairs servers as our eating place. The food there was cheap and it was delicious. You can have one meal for around 40pesos.

Softdrinks and Cobra Energy Drink was the most common drink there. Softdrinks whenever there is a meeting and sometimes during the evening and then Cobra Energy Drink to keep the energy flowing. There was a continuous supply of coffee and creamer again to boost energy level and to keep us awake.

Now, the office will just be a memory. I bring home most of what was left there... pamplets, the DELL computer from World Bank, the printer which had been over used and now needs repair, the tarpaulins which had been used and well the hangers (good for laundry at home). I need to take a taxi to take them to Baliwag Transit terminal and finally drive home.

Despite the challenges encountered there, I will sure miss the place... Am sure others who had been there will miss the place as well... not only that but most importantly and I hope as well... the people who had been there.

Now, I have returned home in Bulacan.

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