The Boring Life?  

Monday, October 26, 2009

What do you call a life that is repeated everyday and which you cannot do what you want to do because of so many limitations? If that is not a boring life then what do you call it. For many people they are contented for what they do everyday but for me it seems it's getting dull and boring. I usually wake up at 10:00AM take a bath, go to the computer, eat lunch, deliver my kids lunch to school, go to the computer, eat dinner, watch tv, go to the computer and sleep at around 3:00AM.

Added to that I usually do the dishes, wash clothes and chat. When there are events specially for taking action to help our country, I usually go there and leave the house... that is if I have enough money to go.

Sometimes I spend time with my friends because they cannot spend time here at home due to various constraints. Outside the house I usually become the socially inclined person than when at home where I am confined to the members of the family and where it seems every action is timed and observed.

Although at some point it gets boring I always maximize my time and do what I can to really make a difference. Still at some point I ask myself what am I doing and what about my children? What will happen to them if I die?

I am a freelance blogger and web designer. I earn around P6,500 a month although that is very irregular since my clients would not actually pay on a monthly basis and then there are tons of debts to pay because of the recent event which ended up as a loss.

I play games in FACEBOOK including Farm Town, Barn Buddy, Mafia Wars and Restaurant City. Sometime I find it really addicting to play these games maybe because they are socially connected.

I also spend time blogging about various issues especially on two of my top blogs, "Pagod Ka Na Bang Maging si Juan?" and Newz Around Us.

Besides that I am also a member of Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) and the Philippine Internet Users Society (PIUS) and of course I am part of those pushing and supporting new politics through the Partido ng Marangal na Samabayan (PANGMASA) and is maintaining a website for Nicanor Perlas for free.

I love doing those things but it seems I would be more alive if I would go and meet more people and have actual time with them than actually spend a lot of time in front of my computer. I am a more personal person than someone who spends time in front of the boxed glowing screen full of texts and images.

Well, anyway this is me... it might be boring for some and also for me sometimes but I am making the most out of it.

Take care everyone and God bless!

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