There's Nothing Better than a Good Toast  

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I really enjoyed toasted and oven baked food. Why? Because they are kinda crunchy and suits the taste. It also has a very delicious and exciting aroma to it. One of my favorites when it comes to food cooked on a toaster is sliced bread full of my favorite star margarine or some cheese to it, or it could also be that sliced break pizza if it is for an oven.

I really like sliced bread a lot and I even eat it for dinner at night whenever we feel really lazy to go the the market. A toaster is really very handy to have at home because with it you can have the chance to have a new taste and additional excitement to some of your favorite food and recipes.

Remember always to toast your food properly and not over toast it for there are findings that over toasted food might increase the risk of cancer.

Happy toasting!

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