BRoken SILENCE : Not graduating on time is not a crime  

Thursday, August 14, 2008

by: Troy Edison Yaw

Many of your blockmates and friends are all smiles and celebrating because finally, after four (five?) years of college, they're finally marching to the stage to receive their hard-earned diplomas. Their families and friends are glad and so are the companies waiting for their services! As for you, graduation time is still two to three semesters away or more, and your family and friends are constantly asking when you're going to graduate which you're really getting sick and tired of!

Many different reasons can be cited: You stopped schooling for a year or more due to financial reasons or because you're unhappy with your school and almost transferred if only you weren't hindered, you failed most of your subjects, you shifted to one or more courses etc.

But whatever your reason is, a delay in graduating can mean real stress for you. The agony of seeing people your age who already have finished their college years and are entering the employment world can be too much and can make you feel helpless and desperate at times.

You're sort of in a dilemma of whether continuing your studies and extending your time in school or just follow those who've graduated and get yourself employed! Yet, in this generation, a diploma definitely means something and very essential for getting a good job! So what can you do to live through the stage more bearable? Here are nine must-do's:
  • Remember that we're only students for a short time in our lives, less than 30 percent of our lifetime. Not graduating on time prolongs your time on being a student and when you get old, you wouldn't want to look back with regrets, do you? Then try to do more of the things that makes college life a memorable part of life (experience): � Actively join school organizations and run for positions if possible, watch and cheer for your school's varsity teams during games, attend and represent your school in forums and seminars. (check Do as many activities only a college student is privileged to do as much as you can! That way, you'll get yourself busy, tune your mind right, and even edge your friends in terms of achievements and extra-curricular activities! These will also mean a more colorful resume, more entries for your journal/diary and more tales to share to your children (and even grandchildren) in the future!
  • In forums or even in regular classes, remember to constantly hone your overall skills like writing and public speaking because you might not get the opportunities again after college. Maximizing your potential while you still can is vital for future success! Make that foundation stronger and deeper!
  • Meet new friends and partners. People don't get to meet and socialize with people more often in their work than during the times they're still in school. So grab the opportunity to make more friends. To add some humor, you can add more friends in Friendster this way! If you're single, you just look around, open your eyes wide open and you might find that 'special someone!' Date around because there are a lot of options available for you!
  • In school, you're more up-to-date with trends. Since college life means youth life, try to submerge yourself in the fullness of the "ocean of college life" which is rich in all types of information: fashion, technology, sports, business, entertainment etc. Indulge in it and keep your mind and body youthful! But please don't forget to be mindful of your responsibilities while trying to stay young!
  • If your parents are still paying for your tuition, try not to be much of a burden to them by finding a sideline. It may not be something that we'll earn you big amount of money (selling prepaid cards or food, making set cards, or tutorial services etc.), but minimizing the time getting cash allowances or lessening the amount you regularly get from them is a big help! And don't forget to make your family proud with your earnings by buying gifts for your parents, your siblings, and sometimes, treat them by buying them free meals if your budget allows you to!
  • Be a guide or a brotherly/sisterly figure to younger students especially the freshmen. You as 'veterans' wouldn't ignore the idea of becoming Good Samaritans right? Offering your help to younger students is a great idea! Tell them the must-do's with some subjects and professors and teach them the ins-and-outs of the school. End result? They'll be very grateful to you, help you back with your assignments, projects, and other problems and you'll become popular! A win-win situation for both sides!

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