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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Niña is a member of Brotherhood of Destiny, Inc. (BROOD). She is a very active businesswoman and a very passionate girl for causes that help the society. She is also a fun person to be with and you will never have a dull moment with here... a good friend and a great person. Here is one of her stories which I borrowed from her blog... please don't get mad... Okey?

Ice Cream Dates
by Bliss Steps

Ice cream. Yummy and cold. One of my fave foods in the whole world. Whenever I see people buying ice cream, it makes me want to buy, too. Even if there's no one buying ice cream, I'd still buy ice cream. I dunno why or so I thought. ;D

Obssession. Nah, not that much to the point that I got hospitalized and ice cream is one of the reasons why I got injured tonsils. I got peritonsillar abscess but that's okay and I'm cool with it. Sometimes, I eat ice cream even when I have colds or cough. Hahaha, my friends will definitely react when they read "sometimes" because I really do eat ice cream always at least once a week. They'll spank me when they read "once" because it's twice and more. It's a ritual, a habit and for me, it's a lifestyle. =)

Stress. Whenever I'm stressed especially after a day's work, I eat ice cream. Eating ice cream makes me feel good. When I meet my friends, we eat ice cream. It's no wonder why I always have ice cream dates. I prefer ice cream over an iced latte, frappuccino, fruit shake, yogurt and halo-halo. Although I also love the latter choices, I eat ice cream more. By the way, I also like ice cream cakes. Damn, I really have a sweet tooth! =)

Whatever the reason, go eat your ice cream. I think you should have daily ice cream dates. You and your SO (significant other) should have an ice cream date especially when you both have your fight. Buy one cone of ice cream and take turns while eating. I suggest it should be a cone so that the both of you will take turns holding the cone. At least, you guys won't fight while having an intimate ice cream moment. I'm sure it will make you both calm down. Just try and grab some ice cream and make it a habit.

By the way, be creative. Take note, one ice cream date can do a lot of wonders.
Chill out.

Hehehe. ü

* Oh my God, I should be paid by ice cream companies for doing this ice cream campaign. (sigh sigh sigh)

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