Three God's Blessings  

Monday, August 25, 2008

Christopher message me via Entrecard and provided me a link to the article below. I then took the liberty of posting it here. I think this is a worthwhile story to share. God gives us blessings of every kins and one of them is in having a baby... Chris receive that not only one but three babies.

3 God's Blessings
by Christopher Fontejon

I’m Christopher Cabellon Fontejon from the Philippines and my wife is now at the hospital carrying our babies, yes! I didn’t make a mistake when I type the word “babies”. This is not the first time though that my wife was pregnant, but the first time it happened it was just not what we expect that it would be, but we know that everything has a reason and maybe it is not yet the right time for us to have a child. This makes me a bit sad from the start because we really wanted to have our own baby but it didn’t happen, but we did not lose our hope.

Maybe you have read this from the book of Psalms 69:13 and it states “But as for me, my prayer is to You, O Lord. At an acceptable and opportune time, O God, in the multitude of Your mercy and the abundance of Your loving-kindness hear me, and in the truth and faithfulness of Your salvation answer me”.

And this verse let us have a stronger faith and gives us hope that someday we will have our own child. And true enough, God is faithful, and gives us even more than we are expecting. We would want to have a child to complete our family but He gives us THREE of them which is more than we ask for, not that we are complaining, of course we are happy and excited because we are going to have our much awaited greater glory, which is to have a baby. But this leads to having my wife to stay at the hospital from last week of July 2008 up to the time when she has to be on labor. I let her stayed at the hospital so that the doctors would be able to regularly monitor the condition of our triplets.

The doctors said that it would be better if she stayed there for about ten (10) weeks. The longer the babies come out, the better, according to the doctors. I’m trying really really really hard to save some money for the expenses, but I’m not so sure if any amount that I can save would be able to cover all the expenses that we are incurring right now, that is the reason why I am appealing to every person who have the heart for helping people and have read this letter that if I can ask for some help.

I may not sound serious, but this is true I’m just taking it lightly, because I know that someone is watching my back and He’ll be there to make a way for me. Here together with this letter is a picture of my three babies to show that what I’m saying is true. I would really appreciate it if you can help me. I may not be able to return the good deed that you have done but I know that He will return the favor to you and I’m sure it is more than you ask for. Thank you for spending time for reading my letter.

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