I Am Proud of My Children John Dwight, Helen Cleodara and Jr.  

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Having 3 children that lives separate from each other is not that easy besides that the hassle of having to handle a broken relationship with their mothers is also an added pressure. My three kids are very loving, kind and intelligent children. I love to hug them and play with them every time that we are together. If there is one thing though that I really regret it is the fact that I have very limited time with my daughter, Helen Cleodara and my youngest, David Jr.

John Dwight, my eldest was born March 20, 1998. He is currently in Grade 5 at Marian College of Baliuag. He is a very intelligent young man. I was amazed by the fact that his grades greatly improved from having line of 70s in his grade he now has 80s and most of his exams fall above 90%. He is a naughty and hyper active kid though and has lots of questions. At a young age I was also surprised that he already felt love for the opposite sex. Quite amazing isn't it?

Helen Cleodara or Dara, my lovely daughter is very pretty. Born, April 8, 1999, she could be a model in my opinion. She is easy to feel hurt and to feel left out, maybe because we had not been together that often. She longs for me and most of the time asks when will I get her so that we can all live together. Dara misses me a lot and sometimes she will just stare in school and think about that. I wish that someday I could really get her and show her how much I love her.

David Jr., perhaps is the one that is so attached with me. I was the one which literally nursed my wife and brought the kid out of the womb of my wife. I did not know what to do back then and was very worried. It was an experience I will never forget. Jr. looks a little thin and seems to be a weakling but mind you he is not. He has a strong willed personality and an intelligence that I am proud of. He is very conversational despite his young age. He will be celebrating his birthday this September 30th.

I am proud of my kids and I would like to tell the world that I love them very much.

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