David “Shen” D’Angelo had passed away (Farewell Shen)  

Monday, October 6, 2008

Today at around 1:00pm David "Shen" D'Angelo suffered cardiac arrest which had resulted for us to rush im to the hospital but unfortunately he was declared dead on arrival. We are very shocked by this sudden incident and would like to personally thank everyone who had supported his cause and had been his friends in his life.

We hope that his life was well spent and that he had made a difference in each and everyone...

Thanks and we will be sending an update soon.


What if that was indeed true? Would we have accomplished what we hard worked together? Will our organization continue to grow and will it awaken everyone of the much needed action and cooperation that I had long for so long? In that end did I really find meaning in my life and did I live the best life I could have.

At times nowadays, I use to think a lot and to ponder what am I doing? Was it all worth the time and effort that I had exerted or could it have been spent more meaningful somewhere else. I do not understand what I feel. I am Project Coordinator of a major event and yet I keep on asking does it still matter in this world? What's in it for me, for my kids?

Sometimes I just think of surrendering and just living an ordinary life. Never minding things like politics, poverty, the environment and friends. How would it feel to be just like that? Would I be happy and successful.

Feeling of exhaustion and hopelessness sometimes abounds me and I do not know how long can I go on. I have called many friends and I had been part of an organization which I loved so dear even with my life... but how does they feel? Will they ever see beyond everything and do their part?

A question which I hope to answer before that announcements becomes something that did happen.

Thanks and good luck!


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