Rabbi Yitzhak Miller, Mainstreaming Judaism and Jewish values  

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rabbi Yitzhak Miller or Rabbi Yitzi has served as a Rabbi and Director of Education to several congregations (Riverside, Gilroy, Los Gatos, Yuba City and Lancaster, Calif.) and now his main goal is to bring mainstream Judaism and Jewish values to all who seek them. Religion is indeed a very powerful tool and with the help of the internet am sure that it will flourish. But who is this Rabbi and what does his website talks about. Is it only about Jewish funeral or more?

The website is a resource site which contains all of the teachings of Rabbi Yitzi including services that he offers. One particular message which I would like to share with you is his message about the pursuit of happiness. I was particularly interested with it because I have also watched the movie of Will Smith regarding this and was touched by it.

America has given Judaism an incredible environment in which to flourish. I once heard Joseph Telushkin say: “While many western countries have readily accepted Jews, only America has accepted Judaism.” But you know, I think Judaism may have something to offer America, as well. The founding fathers offer each of us the opportunity for “the pursuit of happiness”. But Judaism has long known that happiness is a byproduct—not a goal. Happiness is a byproduct of purpose, of meaning, of living life to our fullest potential. I don’t promise to have the answers. But I do know that Judaism has done more to help me understand the fundamental questions of the universe than anything else in my life. So at least I find I’m spending my time wrestling with the true questions. That’s what Israel (Yisra-El) means, after all—“The Ones who Wrestle with God.” No, I can’t promise answers. But I can promise joyful and serious wrestling with the eternal questions of human life. I’d be happy to have you join me on the journey.

I think Rabbi Yitzhak Miller, will offer anyone who sees the knowledge about Judaism and the religion's view about God, the Earth, human life and our purpose a very interesting exchange of ideas. His philosophy and teachings will definitely touch our life and our heart. I am a Catholic but I am sharing this because we should in the first place respect every religion.

This is the Ordinary Life and Ordinary Dave of a great Rabbi named Yitzhak Miller.

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