A Fruitful Christmas and the Greetings that Goes With December 25  

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! It was the first Christmas after seven years that I had spent time once again with my 3 kids and I am very happy. It was like a dream come true for me as a father. We spent Noche Buena in Valenzuela together with my mother-in-law on my ex-wife's side. I can see the great happiness my three kids, John Dwight, Helen Cleodara and David Jr. is feeling when we were together. Besides those happy times with my kids I am also happy and thankful to all those which sent Christmas greetings and as a memento I would like to post it here...

PYA JENNY: Eleow. puh, mry xmas and hpy nw'year in advnce.

Unregistered Number: MERRY XMAS and a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2 all.

JUSTICE: Happy holidays to you bigan. May you blessed for another year!

: "love one another as i have loved you" -- Christmas birthday celebrant.

ARLENE TADEO: Our family sends warm wishes of love, peace and joy! May JESUS, MARY & JOSEPH bring you and your family a blessed and meaningful Christmas!

PAW: Merixmas to all. godbless.

LALAI VERANGA: Don't rush to tomorrow. Stop and pray! Be ready to be awed again by Jesus Christ's unfailing love for mankind. MALIGAYANG PASKO.

SHERWIN FELICIDARIO: Merry Christmas to you Dave! :-)

TUPAMORO: It is thru unrelenting struggle that we realize what it means to be alive. The more we struggle, the more we discover the intimate beauty and profundity of life.

HEART: _b4 dah networ getz busy, I would lyk 2 xay merry christmas 2 u en ur family... mei ur home be filled wth joy en love... god blez u...

JABEZ: May Joy, Love & Peace b with ui & ur family this CHRISTMAS! Good health & more success for 2009. Cesar.

SAM UNAY: B4 d network gets crowdd alow me 2 send my xmas wish 4 u & ur family: "may d birth of JESUS CHRIST bring u joy, love & peace. Merry xmas & a bountiful new year!"

ELLEN GREGORIO OF INFORMATICS-MALOLOS: The greatest gift of Christmas lies not in the material things you receive but on the love you give, the joy you share and the hope you inspire! MerryChristmas! :-)

BEV of GENERATION PEACE NETWORK: Its D season4joy, d season4love, d season4wonder & wishes coming true. a season2kip in touch w/ d peoplewho r special, close in thought, &in hear. Merry Christmas!

ANTON PELACIO: _}e)w.. Puh advnce.. May xMas hehehe.

NEIL SALVACION: D coming of Christ by way of Bethlehen manger seems strange & stuning. But wen we take HIM out of d manger & nvite HIM into our hearts, den d meaning unfolds & d strangeness vanishes. Let d CHRIST OF XMAS LIVE IN U & UR FAMILY.

PAUL ZIALCITA of PINIKPIKAN: Deck the halls with KARAKATOOM! May it be an IRIE CHRISTMAS for u! Share and be good to 1 another!

CLAUDE CLARIDAD of KABATAAN KONTRA KAHIRAPAN: Punuin nawa ng kaligayahan, pag-ibig, kapayapaan at katarungan ang inyong mga taganan at komunidad ngayong kapaskuhan! :-)

ZABRA SIWA: Happy christmas to you and your family. Let my heart and spirit celebrate with youy! Hugs.

ANDY MATULA: meri xmas 2 u

ARLYN CRUZ: "merry christmas" God bless :-)

TYRONE SOLEE: Merry Christmas to u and to ur family. God Bless! :)

ZABRA SIWA: We walk through separate roads in life but we have a golden bridge called "PRAYER" that links our loves together. So especially this CHRISTMAS, and like any other day, IU lift to God your wholeness, your intentions and cares. May He sanctify your work, grant you good health & answer your deepest prayers. God be with you. Huling hirit MERRY CHRISTMAS kaibigan!

TONY DE BORJA: Merry Christmas!

EMMAN BAESILICO: Wishing you all the timeless treasures of Christmas - the warmth of home, the love of family & the company of friends. Merry Christmas to u & your loved ones.

RAFFY USA: isang pagbati ng maligayang pasko at madamdaming pagsalubong ng bagong taon! tuloy ang laban para s bago at progresibong bayan!

RENELYN OF WORLD YOUTH ALLIANCE: Dave, merry christmas. Looking forward to working with u soon.

JJ GENOVE: Merry Christmas to you and your family! From: James Genove (of Smart Infinity) and Family.

AVA of USAID: Wishes of humility, love, and peace this Christmas for you and your family :-)

LHANIE: hi kua dave gd am puh, merry xmz puh.. hi. aginaldo dw ng inaank u hehehe.

KAREN TANADA of GZO: 'Ang bayang lugmok sa kadiliman ay nasilayan ang dakilang liwanag.' Ang kapayapaan ng Sanggol sa sabsaban ay sumainyo. Maligayang Pasko at bagong taon!

SM BALIWAG MARKETING: a sweet christmas everyone plus a fab new year! All the best! Cheers!

KOOKAI: May this Christmas bring to you and your family hope, peace and love just as our Father sent His son Jesus to manifest His great love for us. Merry Christmas!

PYA JONAH: mer xmas poh. Godbless and more blessings to come. Take care. Gift qoh. Hehehe.

ELVIE: Merry CHristmas poh s LhT

IMAN ASUGAS of KABANDA FOUNDATION: Meri xmas sir dave at ate mei pkgreet n dn aq kay mark at dwight!

EPI FABONAN: Ang Pasko ay minsan lang sa isang taon. Ngaung palipas n nman ang isang maligayang araw pra sa snlibutan hwg ntin kalimutang batiin ang mga taong d ntin nbgyang halaga o pnsin n2ng nkalipas na taon. Gaya nla lamang n2ng gngwa ko ngun. Bnbati kau Maligayang Pasko!

DON AMOR of KANTULA: Pasko'y d dpat tpusin s isang araw, diwa nito'y dpat s araw-araw mangibabaw. Namamasko po ang kantula, ang banda makata rakista ng masa.

MICHELLE: Meri xmas, pahabol, hapi new yr

So far those are almost all of the messages I received through SMS of text message. I would also like to thank those who have posted their greetings on MY FRIENDSTER ACCOUNT and who greeted me personally.

I hope that the spirit of this season become the spirit of our ordinary day and life because it can change the world.

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