The Joy of Service and Selfless Dedication  

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Many people ask me what do I get whenever I do an event, an activity or just help someone. Well actually, I do get something out of it and that is personal happiness and satisfaction. Most people think that being a volunteer does not benefit a person personally but it has lots of benefits. The joy of having accomplished something in volunteer work cannot be compared to doing something because you were paid to do it. Besides there are other benefits like having to get in contact with various people which in turn may help you in other things like looking for a job, advancing your cause or simply having more friends.

In my more than 14 years of service as a leader and as a friend to others, I also experience downsides but never did I succumb to it. Sometimes, service takes a toll on yourself and so in order to combat that you must have a strong will and must also allow time for yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back and sometime to recreate. Also, when serving others and being a volunteer always do it with fund and with a smile. Because doing it through that will let you hurdle all the troubles and problems easily.

I would rather call myself a friend of many people than a leader of many people. Because I believe that friendship and being a friend is one way of making a real difference in the life of others. I remember a person which told me many things but I would remember one question that he asked, "Have you ever made a difference or change the life of those who follow you?". My answer as simple, "I do not know." Why did I say that? Because only those person can say with certainty if ever I did make a difference in their life or if something change them. I do not have the credibility nor the right to tell it myself.

Yesterday, I received a card from a fellow member of BROOD and I was very inspired and touch. Besides the fact that it was the only gift I received from a BROOD member, the card says things that makes me humble and get the much needed energy to continue what I do. The greater surprise of the gift was I received a great book, "BELIEVE" which contains the inspiration and quote of a great human being, Desmund Tutu. Thanks!

On that same day I had a minor misunderstanding with another close friend and fellow member of the organization. Then later on, I realized that I was being stubborn and immature. I did apologize and listen to them. Most of the time a servant needs to listen to the opinion of others in order for the team work to function superbly.

Now that the World Creative Youth Forum (WCYF) 2009 is near in the horizon, I cannot afford to falter. I should gather all my strength and dedication and experience the joy of service and selfless dedication not for myself alone but because this time I am doing it for everyone... for my kids, my friends, my family, my countrymen, and the Earth.

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1 comments: to “ The Joy of Service and Selfless Dedication

  • eRicA
    February 4, 2009 at 11:56 AM  

    hi,i really liked reading this post of your's, i'm also a volunteer at our parish, i used to be a youth leader in our parish, and we did a lot of activities before that gives service tomour fellow youth, and it is a very rewarding experience having the chance to serve them and help them in our own little way.

    i hope you continue on posting and share with us your beautiful experiences. thanks again :)

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