Jesus Has Come: A Reflection and Sharing  

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Each year we celebrate Easter Sunday with renewed enthusiasm and hope in our hearts. Most Catholics celebrate the passion and resurrection of Christ focusing on the sorrow of His death and the glory of His rebirth. But for me, the focus should only be in celebrating the sacrifice that Jesus had endured for us. Jesus became an ordinary person and had accomplished an extraordinary and Godly task to save us. This is a sacrifice that established our renewed communication to God the father as Catholic teaching says. There are various views regarding these and it is indeed positive to share a view of hope and joy to every Catholics. How? One way would be through the new Free Catholic Chat online.

Easter is a time of reflection and thanksgiving for Jesus had redeemed us from sin. It is a good time to share these with other Catholics and give hope to each and everyone. There are many Catholics but not all really sees beyond the suffering.

The Free Catholic Chat is a place where you can chat with a ton of users all over the world. Membership is completely free and you will enjoy seeing and talking to all of the users on this website immediately. What better way to reinforce faith and religion through sharing ideas with fellow Catholics.

On this Easter, Jesus has come... every year He makes renewed call in our hearts to follow the path of goodness and may this years call be answered by you... your family... and your friends.

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