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Thursday, June 4, 2009

There are more than a dozen social networking sites existing on the world wide web. Topping this list is Facebook, Friendster and Twitter. In Friendster I have 1,210 friends; in Facebook I have 413 friends, in Twitter I have 102 followers. Another profile which I maintain in friendster is the Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) fan profile. Currently this fan profile has 378 fans. I am also a member of other networking sites like Multiply, Hi5, Tag and more but I am not that active in those sites. Why am I active in sites which I choose? Well here is how and I hope this would also help you...

First, Friendster. Friendster is relatively easy to use. Through friendster you share pictures, applications, friends, you can comment on your friends and then you can also join a group and become a fan of people. Friendster is the top networking site in Asia and the Philippines and has special features for the Philippines. Almost everyone who goes online in the Philippines has a friendster account as well.

Second, Facebook. Facebook is the social networking site which is very popular in other parts of the world. In fact Facebook out ranks Friendster overall. Besides its cool application and picture sharing you can also be part of interactive games like Farm Town and Mafia Wars. These two games are the ones I really like in Facebook and of course don't forget to invite me via my e-mail address at to become your friend. This is also the same e-mail I use for Friendster.

And then there is Twitter. I use twitter in order to promote my blogs and also update people on various things. I recommend using twitter for those but for some they use twitter to let the world know of what they are doing at the moment. In using this I downloaded Google Gadgets and place it on my desktop sidebar which is kinda cool actually.

Generally social networking sites serves as what it's name implies to socialize and network with other people. You keep in touch with your friends and meet new ones. For bloggers social networking sites serves as a place to promote their blogs and what they write about.

So here is Shen again inviting you to add him at Facebook, Friendster and Twitter

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