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Sunday, June 21, 2009

They say that you see people through what they own including their possessions and personal belongings. You can also see the kind of person is through his/her circle of friends but do you know that another way to see the personality of a person is through his home? From the walls, to the door, to the stainless steel sinks, to the designs of the wallpaper and the floor, to the color of the house and the window, these all say something about a person. Below are some cool tips to consider about improving your home...

1. Use Other Cultures as Inspiration

Find inspiration in the countries of the world, both past and present.

The rolling hills of Ireland, the vineyards of Italy, and the ruins of Greece can serve as both ornamental and palette inspiration. Do a little research and you might find the Vikings had just your sense of style if you are into fur skin rugs.

2. Make the Most of Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference.

It’s for more than just illuminating the room when you stumble to the bathroom at night! Both indoor and out, try adding stand-up lamps, track lighting, or inexpensive hanging chandeliers to completely give your room a new look. Always use energy-efficient CFL light bulbs in your new fixtures when available so you can save money and the environment!

3. Start in the Kids Rooms

No matter the age, your child’s room can be a perfect place to start.

For infants and toddlers, pick fun yet stimulating colors like a soothing blue or sunshine yellow. As your child grows, take their interests and hobbies to heart.

Decorative trims, lamps, and toys are a great place to begin! Your kids will be thrilled to see the results, and will also love to help. Feeling like they were included in the process instills a great work ethic and sense of pride in their surroundings.

4. Go Simple and Cheap

Simple changes can make a big difference.

Paint your kitchen cabinets and change the handles and see what it can do. Appliques and moldings can be inexpensive additions that polish an existing look. From new greenery and flowers to throw rugs or curtains, thinking small on an existing look can lead to big benefits.

5. Set a Budget

Now that your mind is filled with ideas, be sure to take a step back before racing to the stores.

Set a budget before you begin to avoid heartache later on; no matter how much you love that dining room table, if it’s not in your budget, don’t budge! Try to haggle the price down, and keep in mind furniture is always cheaper in sets.

Have everything purchased and ready to go before you start or else you might end up sitting on the carpet to watch your new entertainment center. Do your homework and be sure you know exactly what you are doing before you put in the first nail.

6. Save Time, Money, and Injury By Hiring Professionals

Always hire a professional to do the technical stuff like plumbing, wiring, or intense landscaping. Most of all have fun! It’s your home, and should be your perfect comfort space. So pop in your favorite CD and get to work!

7. Pick up Attractive Blinds and Shades at Low Prices

The window treatments you use will help display who you really are. Are you soft and fluttery like a curtain, or hard and steadfast like wood blinds? Are you an extrovert who likes open space and light, or are you an introvert who prefers to cover their windows and hang out in candlelight?

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