Sex, Libido and You  

Friday, July 17, 2009

If there is one thing that is sure part of everyones life it is sexual urge and libido. Well for those folks who would say not just save your word and thoughts because only hypocrites will say that it is not. Even prienst and nuns have to deal with this because it is part of being human. The only thing that is different though is the level of sexual urge and libido has. This level actually depends not only on your environment but also has hereditary factors. I for once is an example of having such hereditary extra energy and libido when it comes to sexual urge... luckily for me that I can control it and well use it in the right and proper time.

The level of libido we have can really affect our daily life and decision making. There are those that cannot resist it and ends up being nymphomaniac and even rapists.

What does libido mean anyway? Libido in its common usage means sexual desire; however, more technical definitions, such as those found in the work of Carl Jung, are more general, referring to libido as the free creative—or psychic—energy an individual has to put toward personal development or individuation.

Some of the factors which also tends to increase libido includes child-sexual abuse background, environment, watching pornographic films, peers and others. When libido is increased there is a tendency that it sometimes can become out of control. In my case the tendency frequently occurs when I am drunk. I usually get more sexually aroused when I am intoxicated.

Being a bisexual is more difficult specially that genetically I have a higher libido level than others. There are times when I get really aroused by the opposite sex not because of her gestures and body alone but because of her charisma and this also occurs to the same sex.

But because there are factor already that I have considered and the fact that I have underwent so many stages of discovering myself I can control it now more effectively than before. And frankly the easiest way to really release your libido to prevent it being out of hand is to masturbate and let your heat come out.

Now, you will say that this blog had become sexually oriented but the fact is this blog is meant to relate stories, experiences and tips that occurs in every day life and experienced by ordinary people... and because everyone is ordinary in its base form therefore this is a relevant issue.

Will it make me less credible to talk about things like this? Well, I don't think so. I have accepted my sexuality long ago and I am contented with who and what I am. I might be really hornier than others and has increase libido levels but surely I am in control of it.

So how to control it? Well it really takes time. You need to understand yourself and look beyond the basic precepts of relieving yourself. After all sex is not the greatest thing in this world for love is. Sex without love is just something that we should all avoided.

So am I perfect? Did I not have sex with others whom I did not love? Well things like that do occur in our life and sometimes we cannot resist it.

Was it wrong? Committing a mistake is not wrong, what is wrong is if we failed to learn from these mistakes.

So do not worry so much of your sexual urge and libido for it is part of who you are. Accept them and learn how to control and be one with yourself.

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4 comments: to “ Sex, Libido and You

  • Dorothy L
    July 21, 2009 at 3:06 AM  

    How right you are. For many people from older generations talking about sex in any way shape or form was considered a no-no or a sin depending on their religious background.
    I think talking about human functions is pertinent to increasing ones self-awareness. A libido is like no different than is as you say a part off the humans functions.

    Unfortunately the media has slanted what should be a human desire to being imagery and falsities. So many women and men are trapped inside of this fear that they no longer measure up as a sexual type due to the so-called body image scale!

  • Shen
    July 21, 2009 at 11:57 AM  

    Yes indeed and the fact is we as humans feel libido and sexual urge and for me there is nothing wrong about that although we experience it in a different level.

    Here in the Philippines it is very uncommon to know that there are females who do masturbation but the fact is there might be really more females doing that than expected.

    These things and actions are natural manifestation of a human being and are facets of who we are. What are not facets of who we are are being addicted to so much sex and raping people.

  • Patrick D
    March 11, 2010 at 10:04 PM  

    hello friends, excellent information on the libido and caught my attention this definition of libido, had never heard of: Libido referring to libido as the free creative-or psychic-energy an individual has to put toward personal development or individuation, I read in one of his blog Aterior a term "libido killers" and how can you apply that term in the definition you give of libido?

  • Eliezer
    August 24, 2010 at 1:38 AM  

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    because in today's time its not a problem anymore,
    we have lots of energy pills that can be taken just to get the libido back to the top.
    Libido is sometimes called as the urge of sexual desire.
    So if you experienced having a low libido try to take some pills which is effective in our health just like a herbal medicine.
    Got it? Then try it now, tomorrow might be too late.

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