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Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am a blogger and I do write in my blogs but enever have I imagined that I will write about a single person and a single topic for almost a week. I never imagined that I will be glued to the online livestream and search for news about her and then practically blogged it. I was more encouraged when people read my blog and readers began coming in. From a viewership of 100 a day my blog's visitors have reaced 1,000+ on August 5.

Corazon "Cory" Aquino had been the subject of my blog, "Pagod Ka Na Bang Maging si Juan?" since August 1, the time of her death. I have taken pictures, videos and other related news about her and then posted it in the blog. It was done not to increase the traffic but because I was moved to do it... it was an automatic thing to do.

I never changed my blogs header when Michael Jackson died nor did I change it when Francis Magalona died. I did write articles about them in my other blogs. When Francis M. died I also wrote an article and tribute for him. When Cory Aquino died it moved me... it made me change my header and usual blog color.

I forget the things I was supposed to do and I hope I can accomplish them soon because it is also important to do it. I will begin to cry whenever I see tribute for her. It was simply moving.

Today I once again searched for articles to write and managed to create a video in memory of Cory Aquino which I uploaded in YouTube and posted it on the blog.

Then... I realized that when I had become part of EDSA People Power I, I was only 7 years old. Cory Aquino had been the president of my growing up years. From Grade 1 to 2nd Year High School, she was our president. I had followed everything about her and just now realized I was inspired by her. Perhaps she was one of the reasons why I love the Philippines so much and was even ready to die for this country.

Despite the fact that I did criticize some of her actions like her decision to honor the debt of the Philippines in full, her selfless actions was more than enough for me to say that she had been the best president of the Philippines.

When asked if she deserves to replace Jose Rizal as a national hero, my answer is No. Cory had been an inspiration but if there is one person to replace Rizal it should be Andres Bonifacio.

Cory had been the Andres Bonifacio of our present time. He had been spiritual but peaceful. SHe is both Bonifacio and Rizal, I think.

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