The Hero Saga: If You Want to Do Good and Make A Difference You Must Be Ready to Stand Alone  

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is my take and view about life based on my own personal experiences. I am not forcing you to agree with me but you can disagree all you like but I do not care.

I had been living to serve and to make a difference since I first dedicated myself to this way back in 1993. It was during my stint as the Student Council President of Our Lady of the Angels Academy that I have opened my eyes to the true calling of leadership. But nonetheless during my growing up years despite the hardships it is as if I am being prepared for this very task. I was battered, injured and had a very eventful childhood full more of sadness and painful memories... though I like to remember the happy ones.

During those high school days I have to stand by the students and lead a petition for the ouster of the principal of the school who also happens to be a nun. My grades were affected and even the way my teachers view me. In the end though despite the hardship we succeeded and it was the first battle I had.

During my course of life, I continue to do good and to dream of things that are ideal. Creating an organization that will collectively bind people. I fell down one time in that cause because I have to endure stories about my sexuality and relationships. Well personally, I do not care if I am bisexual. It does not matter in doing good for others and in making a difference.

I run for Municipal Councilor of Atimonan in 2001 and campaign on a very limited fund. The youth who believe in me where my volunteers. They never complain nor do I. We managed to finish the campaign and although I loose, we are all happy.

In 2002, we founded, Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) first as a small club then it later grow to become an organization. Many critique the name and belittle the organization and yet we strive to accomplish the purpose for which we have created it. People turn us down, people do not believe in us but we believe as long as we know that we are doing the right thing in the end we will be successful.

During my struggle, most of the time the very friends I trusted will in the end become my biggest critique. They have never trusted me and say things beyond a real friend can say. Yet, I ask myself if I have done anything wrong to them and the answer is always no.

Then I realized that if you are ready to fight for what is true and good you should be ready to stand alone and be strong enough to battle your enemies. Even your friends will turn against you. The good fact and reality though is there will always be help coming and most of the time it will come from unlikely sources and the people you least expected.

As of now I am broke, I am indebted with many people. They say it is BROOD's debt but for me BROOD's debt is also my debt and it should hopefully be collectively solved but if no one can do that then I am ready to face it alone.

You should continue the fight and not wait for someone to help you out because your strength will be seen and then along the way you will just be amazed at how many people have already joined you.

At home, I am commonly lambasted and laughed upon because of what I do. But since I believe that what I am doing is right I can always smile back at them and forgive them for I know that they do not know what they are saying.

some think of me as immature and some think that I am a nuisance and nosy person but the truth is...

If I am your friend I will be your friend and will never ever allow to see you get hurt...

If I am part of an organization I will help make the organization better...

In life you will always make tugh decisions. These decisions might not alwatys be easy but always think of making a difference... for life is short... so make the best out of it.

In the past BROOD event I have trusted many people but when I did get mad at some point they detested me and hate me... they develop hatred... they think of me badly... they did forget the good things we have shared and the reason for that action.

As long as I believe what I believe is right I don't care what others will think of me... for we all live for what is right...

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