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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Are you a rapidshare fan? Are you someone who likes to downloads various applications and gadgets through rapidshare but finds the common search engine in rapidshare troublesome? Well, I recently found Rapid4me - Rapidshare Search Engine and by the looks and functionality it is indeed a lot easier than the usual search functions of the download site.

Rapid4Me was created in accordance with all users' requests and thanks to regularly updated links base, functionality , pleasant design and good work capacity, for the relatively short period of existence it managed to find its own place in the internet community. Moreover, for the last month the number of users increased significantly. Users more and more often give preference to this resource, it means, they have found here exactly what they are looking for in a good rapidshare search engine.

And well don't take their word for it for I know and I have experienced for a fact that they indeed deliver and perform what they say they are capable of. So for those ordinary folks who want to have an extraordinary time downloading and searching try this one out.

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