Have You Faller In Love With the Same Sex?  

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Have you fallen in love with the same sex? Have you wondered why you are feeling this way?

As for me I have no secrets to tell because I would openly tell everyone that yes I have experience this and it is not an experience which you should be shy about. Love is a feeling that is universal and you can feel it whether with the opposite sex or with the same sex.

The power of love transcends gender and most of the time it break rules, break laws and is even mysterious and most of the time unexplainable.

You will most of the time ask why you love a person despite the fact that he/she is not your ideal person. You will most of the time find it weird that despite what he does you still love him.

Emotions and reason are two of the unique things that we have as human beings and don't be shy to express that. Express how you love a person even though he is your fellow male or female.

Love is a great emotion... so express it responsibly and with full knowledge also of the consequences. Remember that love can most of the time be mistaken with the same feeling you are having when you are have lust for a person.

Lust and love is very different. Lust don't lasts while love lasts.

So be happy... be free... and express yourself.

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