Today is My Son's Birthday and I Felt Really Sad Yet Happy  

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today is the 9th Birthday of my son, David D'Angelo Jr. and I am proud that despite the problems he is growing up fine I hope.  Yet, I am sad.  Here I am after so many years and have lost many things because of decisions which I made and I think is right but most of the time turns out to be more sacrifices for me and my family.  I am waiting for the website maintenance fee to be paid so that I can pay the caterer which we had a debt because of WCYF and also I will use it to send money to my kids.

The thing is the money despite waiting and giving favor to them is not arriving.  For all I know they have the money to pay but still I do understand them.  In the end I am the one that suffers.  When events fail, I get blamed despite the fact that these events did not really fail for it's success is grater than the failure, yet they refuse to accept.

Some will say I am dwelling on the past and I am not making enough effort to really solve the situation that I am in.  Well, I did try to work but it seems it no longer suits me for at a very young age I run my own business but due to marriage life and mistakes it was all gone to waste.

I cared so much for people even for my ex-wife who cheated me and who in fact had caused what had happened to us.  I trusted people even though most of the time they cheated on me and stab me on the back.

I do not want to have enemies, I just want to be happy.  I want to be with my children.  I want a simple life and a better life not for me but for my kids.

I am still thankful that Ondoy spared us from its wrath.  I thank God for giving us continued lease of life and blessings by providing us food and shelter and education to my kids despite the hardships.

I just can't understand why despite showing goodness people see my simple mistakes and make a huge issue about it.

Anyway, I just love my kids... and I would like to really say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SON TODAY... I miss him so much.

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