I'm Out of the Calendar This Month  

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This month when the day fall on the 16th, I will officially be out of the calendar. I will be turning 32 on October 16. Was it a fruitful life or was it a wasted life? I do not know for it is through other people that one can truly determine one's success and essence of life. For me if there is one thing I would always say is that I live my life to the fullest each day of my life as if it is the last. No one knows when we will die and for all we know it might be today or tomorrow or the next day.

Each year I reflect on my life. Each day I asked what have I done. Each day I asked if I have really missed opportunities in my life. Each day I asked myself if I was just so stubborn that is why success is very aloof to me.

This year, I have tried my best to make an impact for the environment and when I thought I am making the greatest sacrifice in my life for the environment it turn out to be the greatest challenge that I will encounter in my life.

It was hard to make a difference. It was hard because it seems making a difference was in my system and I just can't say no to it.

I was also a bisexual and I am open about it. I have fallen in love with both a man and a woman and I see no wrong to it. Love has no boundaries even gender. LOve is free for all and so we have no right to judge anyone.

This year, I am turning 32 and if there is one thing I would wish it is a good future for all my kids, John Dwight - Helen Cleodara - and David Jr. I love them so much!

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