Are We Ready for Doomsday 2012?  

Monday, November 16, 2009

Are we ready for the end of the world? After seeing bits and pieces of the movie 2012, I can't help but wonder how I would react if I actually see such events unfolding. Would I be able to make instant decisions and how would I save myself and my family if ever that happens? These are questions that kept on lingering in my mind and well the fact is we will never know if indeed one day the world will finally end.

Way back in the 1990's Nostradamus became so popular and the documentary about his prophecies was well watched by everyone. It seems the accuracy of his prediction was astounding that everyone thought that the nuclear war will indeed begin with the United States battle against Iraq. But it never occurred and still we are at peace despite the many wars happening around the world... yet again it might be Iran who will ignite the war said by Nostradamus.

In the movie 2012, the basis for it was the seeming coincidence of the end year of every ancient calendar which includes the Mayans, the Incas and others. Did they foresee the end of the world or was it the end of a long count in their calendar and the beginning of a new era or another long count. Well, again we will never know.

There are scientific evidences as well that solar flare activity in the sun is increasing. This is also, what the opponents of climate change is saying that the cause of the change are not man-made gases but is in fact natural occurrence in the surface of the sun.

What is one day, while doing our regular work we find ourselves battling for our life as volcanic eruptions, earthquake, tsunami and meteors are bombarding everywhere. Would we be ready to face certain death? Would we be ready for what will eventually happen? For me, I guess I am not yet ready and might really be in shock to react if such an event will happen.

The way we are destroying our planet and the way things are happening with the abnormal weather, constant flooding, hunger and other events happening around the world... the truth is doomsday might in fact be happening right now... it is creeping every day... and if we will not act to stop it we might finally face an unstoppable doomsday.

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