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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The power to change the present and the future is on our own hands. We cannot change it unless we will act and do what we can no matter how hard that maybe. If we will it we can do whatever we want. Here is an article shared to me by Nex Agustin from the Nicanor Perlas for President Movemement...

2012: Our Enlightened New World
By Jafree Oswald
Co-creator of The Manifesting Super Gold Pack

You may have already sensed that a New World is coming into each of our personal lives. If you stop and truly pay attention, you can feel it.

As everything continues moving faster and faster we cannot help but wake up and realize our divine infinite potentiality. We are each being pulled, cajoled, and summoned to spiritually awaken by the people and global events around us.

Our planet's economic, political and environmental shifts are our "wake up calls", forcing us to individually turn inwards, and create a more sensitive, loving, and conscious approach to life.

This deeper sensitivity has in turn awakened a new kind of human being inside all of us. A being who is attuned to their natural divine state within, guided by their intuition, and enlightened by their own individual consciousness.

"The roses bloom so beautifully because they are not trying to become lotuses. All effort is futile. You have to be just yourself." ~Osho

As the world continues to wake us up, the number of enlightened beings will naturally multiply and collectively in time create a New World. This global enlightenment will create a foundation of peace for this planet for the first time in many millennia. Our planet is about to give birth to billions of heart centered open minded people, and nobody is going to miss this massive enlightening ride!!

The experience of world peace is only created by a massive movement of individual inner peace. This global feeling of peace occurs when the "hundredth monkey" wakes up to recognize that inside is something exquisite, unlimited in potential, and truly Divine.

The massive spiritual awakening is also based on a scientific evidence of a true energetic shift in our physical environment. Astronomers have calculated that by Solstice on December 21st 2012, there will be a cosmic perfect alignment of our planet Earth, our Sun, and the very center of our Milky Way galaxy. This is the exact date that the ancient 26,000 year Mayan calendar predicted that the New World will "officially" begin. Many of you are already awake, and are here to simply assist the rest of the planet by being a guiding light for their spiritual awakening.

This outer alignment of our stars or celestial bodies creates an inner alignment within our physical flesh bones and mental/emotional bodies. This divine configuration allows you to become "synchronized" with your world.

As we move closer to this grand alignment, you will automatically be pulled towards this inner alignment of your mind, body, and soul, and rediscover a deeper spiritual alignment with your Divine Source. This bio-energetic centering causes all energy centers (chakras) in your body to open and allow you to simply trust life completely. When peace is found within you, it is seen and experienced all around you. The outer peace you project will allow everyone to relax more deeply and consciously explore every aspect of their being.

"Being content with what you have is priceless. Sun moon and the truth can not be hidden. Happiness is the greatest wealth. Health is the greatest gain. Trustworthy is the best relative. Nirvana is the ultimate bliss." ~Buddha

Our world is already filled with millions of highly intelligent, sensitive, loving and super-psychic beings. Many are radiating love with such a boundless, welcoming soft warm energy that you will be pulled in vibrationally and shift into this higher loving way of naturally operating daily. By 2012 you will "have to" open up to the highest form of love just to survive this intense outer/inner alignment.

The conscious energy on the planet will continue to grow exponentially each year. By the time we approach the end of 2012, there will be over 8000 enlightened beings on this planet which is the tipping point number and enough to create the 100th monkey wave of awakening. Perhaps the most interesting news I've heard is that there already are many highly evolved beings from other planets in our galaxy who will be coming here to watch this grand finale show!

The ideas about a New Enlightened World is very contagious and will grow exponentially. The more we think about it, the more energy is invested into manifesting it. However, the momentum is already there and this world is about to have a massive spiritual awakening that cannot be stopped.

Yet, you can jump on the boat sooner rather than later. To realize what is still asleep, resistant, or righteous in you is the first step to awakening out of the old dream. Waking up first begins with realizing that you are the co-creator of your reality, and that your imagination is the only limit you have. So be aware of the thoughts you are having in each moment, and cultivate a presence that is the witness of these thoughts.
The thoughts you have are like clouds passing through the sky. Let them float on by. Know that you are the vast, spacious, and infinite boundless sky! Be that throughout your day and you will truly recognize this vast freedom that always dwells inside of you.

"Look within, see the Self. Then there will be an end of the world and its miseries." ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

I have found that one of the greatest ways to prepare yourself today for this New World is to find peace within yourself and within every relationship you have. The more intimate you can become, the more juicy the awakening is.

When you start recognizing the divine within yourself and in everyone, then everyone you meet becomes a divine teacher showing you exactly what you need to learn next on your life journey. The people that you struggle with are in your life to give you the opportunity to deepen in compassion and awareness for they are the slower ones getting on the ride. It may be your job to assist them in becoming more open, awake, and loving. When you vibrationally step up to the plate, you will help them create this shift and at the same time open up even more to your highest Self.

Every person you struggle with will only be forcing you to dig deeper into your inner wellspring of lightness, love, and inner peace. The gems you find inside yourself will breed an even higher awareness, allowing others to respond from a more empowered loving space. This will enable you to FEEL connected with the millions of highly intelligent, sensitive, loving, and super-enlightening beings that are already on the planet today.

"Love is not a quantity, it is a quality, and a quality of a certain category that grows by giving, and dies if you hold it. If you are miserly about it, it dies. So really be a spendthrift! Don't bother with whom." ~Osho

A very important step to prepare for this new world spiritual awakening is to learn how to quiet the mind. You can do this easiest by sitting with a conscious "enlightened" master, teacher, or someone who radiates pure love, lightness of being, and absolute acceptance of who you are. You can meet a few of our favorite enlightened beings on our website. We recommend that you learn something from every different being and experience as many teachers as you can. Let your body feel the difference and let it decide which one truly resonates with who you want to become next year. And as they say, when the student is ready the teacher will magically appear.

Another step to awakening is to be conscious of each choice that you make. Every being in the New World will understand that there are no "accidents." Every experience is synchronistic and divine. You are waking up to the fact that you are The Creator of your every experience. Take responsibility now for what is in your life today and be thankful for it before you focus on what you want to be, do, and have tomorrow. By approaching today with gratitude, you open your heart and mind in each situation and relationship you have.

"Since everyone is one's own Self, whoever does whatever to whomever is doing it only to himself." ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

As far as the physical state of the New World, the best choice is to be at-one with your environment. Embody the most natural state of compassion and understanding by being ONE with the earth, air, plants, oceans, animals, sea creatures, and fellow human beings. In the future we will be forced to recycle everything to survive. We will have to use other sustainable resources of energy to create electricity. There will be new advanced technology available for us to create a pollution-free world where we are using free-energy and water-fueled cars will become the norm.

Every man and woman of this New World will know how to live in harmony with others, not because it is the "right" thing to do, but because they will know that any harm done to the other on any level is merely doing harm to their own selves. This global brother/sisterhood will create a more conscious, healthy, and harmonious world for all to enjoy. As each human being becomes more conscious of their thoughts, actions, and how they want to impact their environment the outer world will reap those benefits.

"See the perfection in the seeming imperfection that seems to be." ~ Lester Levinson

The interesting thing is that the more conscious, awake, and open-hearted you become now, the more you will see, feel, and experience that this New World is already here now and happening today. Of course our news and media cannot dictate this perception since they can only relay a small pigeonhole of information about what is actually happening on the planet in each moment.

Yet, the bigger truth is that there is a momentum of deeper spiritual awareness that is blossoming everywhere. The more realistic picture of our future is that our consciousness is like a flower whose petals are blossoming naturally on its own accord. If you take a big whiff you can already smell the fragrance. This world is waking up and your job is to relax and remain open and receptive to what is happening here now.

In the New World everyone comes equipped with the Universal understanding that we are each conscious manifestors of our individual realities. As this understanding deepens and becomes a common household way of being on the planet, the awesome miraculous synchronicities we experience will multiply. Sure we can take them personally and say WE are individually manifesting our outer experiences, or we can take them impersonally and see that we are merely a drop in the Universal ocean that is blossoming this new existence. Either way, there will be a much deeper more personal freedom found in everyone that will truly satisfy our souls!

"We are more free than any thought conceived of what defines freedom. Who we are is far more vast than any thing the mind thinks we are." ~Angela Walker

In order to jump on this global train ride to enlightenment sooner (than later), it is imperative to know yourself intimately. Start with learning how to quiet the mind and find absolute stillness inside. Then, you can be conscious and know the true power behind each choice that you make. Every being in the New World will understand that there are no "accidents." That each person, each interaction, every situation is absolutely synchronistic and divine. You are waking up to the fact that we are all powerful conscious co-creators of our world.

Take responsibility now for what is in your life today and focus on what you want instead of what you do not want. You’ll consciously create the reality you want and be able to approach all beings with an open heart under any circumstances. When you can rest in that stillness for 3 minutes each day, you will truly understand the vast unlimited potentiality you have inside to offer the world.

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"Be whomever you wish to are truly totally free!"

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