Serving the County and Self Sacrifice  

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What is the meaning of serving your country? Does it mean really sacrificing what you have so that you can be of service to your country and other people?

As time goes by and as I am continuously tested it seems I found the answer to the above question as a resounding "NO". You do not need to sacrifice too much of yourself in order to be of service to your country.

Though I find real happiness in what I do it is always not complete for I cannot serve fully because of personal problems. Yet, it seems there is no end to one's personal problem so there is no point in resolving it first then serve others.

The reality is one should establish a strong castle, built around a moat with strong walls and defenses so that it will not easily fall down.

In the battle of being a true servant of one's country and people there will always be those who by greed and by their selfishness try to stop what you are doing. They will try to discredit you. They will taint you. They will question your credibility. This is all for the reason that they either envy you or they benefit from what you want to change.

Thus, each of us should be strong if we are to face a challenge that is so great. I personally may not be that strong now in terms of having a moat but am sure with all the problems that I have already encountered my walls are strong. I can stand firm, learn and bounce back from defeat.

The greatest tool a true warrior of change and service has is the ability to learn, listen and accept other people's opinion.

Nobody is perfect and there is always something others will be teaching us and something that they will learn from us.

If we will think that we are already the most learned person in the world and that we know everything then we are also the most hypocrite and immature person. We must see beyond all the flattering words said to us. We must see beyond what other people says about us, either good or bad.

If we are to be a good leader then we must also value people. We must know how they feel and we must never ever let them suffer and leave them unattended. A leader is only as strong as his followers. A leader cannot lead if he cannot walk with his followers.

As a follower says to a leader, "Do not walk ahead of me for I will not follow, Do not walk behind me for I might leave you. Instead, walk beside me and let us fulfill our destiny together."

Thus in serving the country this also applies. We should be one with the people and in return the people will be one with us.

Sacrifice will not be a necessity for we should live for the people.

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