Our Cat's Two Cute Kittens  

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A stray cat which presented herself to us about six months ago is now a mother to two cute little kittens. Tis stray cat which, now that I noticed it... we don't even had a name for her literally claim our house as her own home. She became so tamed that we really began liking her.

She now eats at our home and we use to give her food as well. Sometimes he used to sleep in our bed. This cat will never get mad if you pick her up and try to caress her.

Her two kittens were so cute. They are colored yellow and has that alluring eyes. Not surprising however with cats that Mei has, these two kittens also has crooked tails. I wonder why most cats here do have crooked tails.

The cat delivered her kittens in a box which formally contains campaign materials. It was very timely since before she layed there all of it had just been distributed. She had a very short and easy labor. The cat only took about 30 mintes to deliver her two cute kittens.

We warmly welcome the two new members of our family. Now, we do have to give names to them. Any suggestions?

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