My Oldest Photo: Going Back to Simplicity and Carefree World  

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Me (Dave D'Angelo) during my first day in the world, carefree and problem free.  Taken on October 17, 1977 at the Fe Del Mundo Hospital/ (forgot the place)

I am a photograph enthusiast and the only missing was a real DSLR camera, now I decided to join this contest where you have to post your oldest photo. I am happy to hear about the contest because when I was young my parents love to take photos of me. So here I am with my oldest photo, as a 1 day old boy (not a chicken though). This photo was taken October 17, 1977.

Looking at it brings back memories of the days when life was simpler. Days when you don't care anything about the world because there is someone who will look after you. It was very different back then compared to today. Today, I have to face every single problem... back then I don't care about problems... all I want is just milk... milk... and milk.

I will always look back to this day and this photo since it is my very first day on this world... Thanks mom and thanks Dad! It is great to be on this world even though I have very little time with them.

Life is always beautiful.

So I suppose this is my official entry to the YugaTech Show me your oldest photo contest... I hope I do win the DSLR camera... I really want one and could help a lot with my writing and blogging.

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