A Victim of Love: Are You One of Them?  

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Have you ever heard the song VICTIMS OF LOVE?  This song is a real life story of how love may affect everyone positively or negatively.  Most of us who fall in love will feel happy at first.  Our days will be inspired and we will be happy... it is as if each day is like heaven.  The initial feeling of love is always happiness and inspiration but making that feeling stay defends on two people holding on to the thing and reason they fell in love in the first place.

When we enter into a commitment, we often say promises to each other.  Those promises are commonly done out of infatuation and the over rated feeling of happiness and love.  Someone would be lucky if those promises are indeed true.  Couples are excited to be together and to see each other.  Sweet words and sweet nothings abound daily life.  In today's world that will mean the exchange of text messages and even phone calls or commonly posts on each other's Facebook walls.

I am in the impression that men who really felt love will really be in love more than women most of the time.  Men who gave their love to someone truly will do everything they can for that someone they love.  However, some women take things for granted and sees this as being over protective or a choke.  However, sometimes the reverse happens.

In the modern world where love is commonly confused with lust, infatuation and the necessity to love someone out of one's need, it is difficult to fall in love fully for in the end you will be a victim of love.  However, there is one saying that a famous author said, leo Buscaglia.  He said that when we give love we should not expect anything in return for that is what true love means.... but are we all up for true love?

I for one is a person that commonly experience being a victim of love.  Falling in love too deep only to realize that I have lost all that is meant for me.  However, I am one who practices Leo Buscaglia's teaching.  True that it hurts when someone you love so much changes and remembers you less as he or she focuses on somebody new but in the end what is important is that you give the best in you to love that person.

Is it wrong to be a victim of love?  Well, for me it is okay as long as you realize in the end the true meaning and reason why you love that person in the first place. Be positive always and remember that romantic love is not the only love present and that there will always be someone out there that is meant for you.

I have loved and have been hurt... I have loved and have been cheated but will I seize to love again just because I was hurt?  I don't think so for love is the greatest feeling given to man

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