LITERARY: "The Dragon and the Rabbit"  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

There was once a dragon who lived in a high top mountain of gold.  He was the sole ruler of everything which he can see within his eyes and even beyond.  All of the creatures in the place respected him and was awed by his presence.  Humans and animals alike both fear and worshiped the dragon as their idol.

Little did people know that the dragon does not like where he is.  The dragon is lonely since there was no other dragon in that place.  He was not able to share his thoughts and feelings since everyone feared him.  He always look out of the mountain in the hopes of seeing someone having the courage to approach him and just see him as an equal.

There was however one rabbit, who beyond the dragon's knowledge had been witnessing every time the dragon peak in the mountain.  The rabbit was awed by the dragon's presence and brilliance and wanted to be his friend.  She wanted to just speak with him and see how it feels like to be speaking directly with a dragon.

One day the rabbit was wondering and her usual companion cannot accompany her and so he shouted to the stars to give her someone to accompany her.  Then, a large voice replied and said, "I could go with you."  The rabbit was shocked to see the dragon behind him offering his hand and wanted to be her companion.

And so, the rabbit and the dragon became friends.  They talked about lots of things together and share their dreams.  Because of the kindness of the dragon, the rabbit fell in love with him and likewise because of the rabbit's courage he fell in love with her.  They showed their love for each other and went on countless adventures.  They promised each other never to leave each others side no matter what happened.

However, one day the rabbit stumbled upon something and the dragon did not like this.  It was something that the dragon hated and he roared and breath fire in anger.  The rabbit don't know what to do and because of fear he was not able to answer the dragon's question.  The dragon roar and breath fire as hard as he can until he calm down.  Once he calmed down he talked to the rabbit and asked for forgiveness.  He tried to understand what happened.

Little did the dragon know however that the rabbit was shocked and fearful of him.  Her love had been replaced by the fear of everything she saw and so the rabbit suddenly changed and everything was different from then on.

Then the day came and the rabbit said, "I need to part ways with you and find myself again.  The fear of you had grown so deep that it had replaced my love for you."  The dragon's tears fell so hard and he begged for understanding but because of overwhelming fear of the rabbit, she did not hear a word of the dragon.

And so, the dragon was once again left alone.  His memories of their times with the rabbit lingered and there was not a single day in which he did not cry.  He dejected the day that he got mad but it was too late.  Each day he went out of the mountain and see if the rabbit would return but he saw not a single sight.


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