A Life of a Commuter  

Monday, October 8, 2007

by: Lovena Badocdoc

First of all, hello to everyone who will get a chance to read this article of mine in this blog site, Ordinary People, Ordinary Day. I'm a first year college student of PATTS College of Aeronautics and like any other student, I am a commuter. It’s an ordinary thing for most of the Filipinos to ride a jeepney or bus whenever they go. It’s like one of your daily dosage everyday that should not be forgotten. Since I was a kid, I was not get used in riding a bus on my journey and I’m never allowed to went on Manila or far places without a companion since I was the only child in the family. My school is always near in our home until high school. Like any other kid do, I have a school service and I always went home to eat my lunch. The problem began when my college day started. I should learn to eat my lunch at the canteen or carinderia and most of all gain knowledge of commuting everyday.

The first day of my college life arrived and I should face the consequences. I woke up 4am in the morning and do my necessities to prepare for my freshmen day. “I’m brave! I can do this!”, that’s what I tell myself on my first day of facing the world of commuters. As I stepped on the bus, I was happy to find many students like me on the bus seat heading their way in school. As the time passes by, I feel the chill inside the bus. It was really cold… After a few minutes of riding the bus, I feel that I really need to pee. It was a call of nature and I can’t control it! There was a heavy traffic and I can’t find any place outside the window to pee. The bus began to move and there you are, I finally found a gasoline station with a comfort room. I stand on the bus seat and tell the dispatcher to stop since I really need to pee. Wew! This experience as a commuter is the one I really hate, sometimes I really don’t want to ride a bus anymore due to their maximize air conditioned fan that makes me pee every time. Since then, I always see to it that I brought my jacket so that the cold temperature inside the bus will not make me chill anymore. It’s an ordinary day for me but it really counts as my special day for that unforgettable experience I had. I also began to find canteen and carinderia a nice place to eat although I really admit that my mother’s cook was the best among the rest.

In college life you have a lot of adjustments to make but it makes me reflect that those adjustments are the one’s who help me become a better person. A real and improved person that make’s a big difference for me as a people before. As what others utter, “Face your fears and learn to be independent..” A nice expression I can share to everyone to help them become a better person. Although the life of a student commuter is difficult, it makes me smile sometimes as I remember the happy moments a commuter can experience as they ride through their different journey. An application in life that should be reflected by every one! Wishing all the commuters out there a memorable and happy journey! God bless every one!

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