A Moment of Solitude Amidst the Fast-Paced Urban Life  

Saturday, October 13, 2007

by Kookai

“5 minutes. Just another 5 minutes…” Lately, this is how my day usually starts. Sometimes, I’m able to get-up faster and still manage to finish my morning rituals early but there are times when I oversleep for more than 30 minutes that no matter what I’d do I won’t make it in the office on time.

However, I always make one last stop before leaving. I greet my herbs a good morning and sprinkle them with water and love.

It’s a good thing though that my dad drops me off the MRT station which lessens my travel time. But I really hate it when I’m running late. The long queue of people and not to mention the guards stopping entry of commuters start the day’s stress. Moreover, it really annoys me when people are shouting and quarrelling inside the train. Fortunately, the jeepney ride from the train station to my workplace would be a more peaceful one.

In the office, the first thing that I do is greet everyone I meet. After which, I check my email for messages. Then, I drink a cup of coffee; sometimes, with an officemate. After that, off we go to our client’s office. Most of the time we’re out doing field work for our engagements. Conducting interviews, vouching documents, making our work papers and drafting reports are just part of our day’s work. Sometimes it’s really a good thing being able to meet and deal with a lot of people, especially for a shy and timid person like me. Although it would seem such a struggle at first, being able to overcome this weakness helps me become a more confident and better person. But the sad part is that we’re not able to spend most of our times with our officemates, friends and families.

A typical day at an auditing firm wouldn’t end at 5:30 pm. Rather, that’s the time when people would start to come back from different client offices. It’s really amazing seeing the office so lively even during the wee hours of the night. I don’t like staying overnight in the office so I see to it that I’m able to go home.

Before I end my day, I’d still sit beside my flower pots. Despite the fast-paced life we all live, I find just a moment of solitude and of peace under the moonlit sky watching my little plants grow taller each day and tending them.

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