Thanking God for Another Day to Come  

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

by Shing Sanchez

Hi! I’m Shing, 23 years old single from North Cotabato . For starters, I really want reading pocketbooks, horror stories and also writing poem. I always keep myself busy for me not to recognized my homesickness with my parents because im working a distant from them. Although its hard away from them, but I try myself to overcome the feeling. Well why I’m saying this one because as the youngest of the family I usually slept with my mama, that’s why I miss them like crazy.

Ordinary day for me starts at 5:00 in the morning, early before the sun rises in the east. I always say a little prayer thanking God for another day to come, then kept my belongings. After that, I will take a bath and then get dressed and off to work I go. I work as a Human Resource and Development & Admin Assistant. Being assigned at the front desks meets me meet all sorts and type of people everyday. It was quite amusing as well because it makes me realize the uniqueness each of us have.

My duty at the front desk is to take calls and entertain growers and people who passed by in our office. I go to work 7:00 am then go home at 5:30 pm, and sometimes when we are very busy and rush up things; I would go home past 10:00 in the evening.

Upon reaching home, I rest for a while, and then take a bath once again to refresh myself. After that we will eat dinner together with my cousins, have a nice evening chat to relieve stress and relax. After eating we do a little bonding and then I go to my room reading pocketbooks, Pocketbooks entertain me because it tells various stories of people and since I am a woman, I also drew inspiration from it. Hehehe. Lastly before going to bed I thank God once more for a beautiful day that He has given me.

Another day has ended and tomorrow will be another day to look forward and experience with lots of excitement and hope.

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